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Symbolic – Scarvest [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
Symoblic’s album Scarvest is modern death metal with strong melodic influences. The album is the kind of death metal that does not include -core aspects, like guitar chugging, breakdowns, etc. This is something I really like. Scarvest is eight songs in length and has about 50 minutes worth of materials. With almost 50 minutes worth of materials, one could think some of the songs would be boring or lackluster due to length; however, this isn’t the case here. Every song is filled with something enjoyable to listen to.
The fifth song off of Scarvest is “MySery” and it is an interlude-like song. It is put between two moderately long tracks, each being well over five minutes. The song is very calming and has a lot of melodic overtones and symphonic sounds. There is one guitar strumming throughout the whole song, except near the end where there is a guitar solo overlapping some violins/violas being played.
“Down To Zero” is the seventh song off of this album. This song is a lot more upbeat and fast compared to the other songs. It has some thrash metal elements thrown in with the melodic death metal foundation Symbolic already has. Vocally, Bastian keeps to low screams and high screams for the entire song. The instrumentals is what stands out the most in this song to me. They are very upbeat and there is always something going on with every second of the song. There is one break in the song for a guitar solo, which only adds to the song.
Scarvest is a good album, and could definitely be the type of album that is overlooked among all the big releases throughout the year. I recommend you check out this album if you’re into death metal, melodic death metal, modern death metal, and basically any kind of death metal (with the exception of brutal and slam). It’s only $6.64 ($7 AUD), and I think it’s worth the money.

Score: 3.5/5

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