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Sponsored Band Spotlight: Angelmaker

Seventh up on the Sponsored Band Spotlight is deathcore band, Angelmaker.

Canadian based deathcore act, Angelmaker has been making some waves recently with their crowdfunded full-length album, Dissentient. But this isn’t the first album they’ve been on that made waves, back in 2012 they released their EP Decay which is still highly loved today. Also, in 2013, they collaborated with deathcore bands Lament and Isolationist, to release a split EP through Total Deathcore. Their singles, “Blood For Blood” and “The Bridge Between” were highly praised, and I still think that “Blood For Blood” was one of the best deathcore tracks to release that year.

Outside of releases, they were awarded Best Underground EP [Decay] in 2012 by Duckcore, were sponsored by Pig Squeals And Breakdowns in 2013, and just recently have been sponsored by Chugcore.

What awaits them in the future I can’t tell, but I’m sure they’ll continue to make waves in the underground deathcore scene for years to come. With their albums Decay and Dissentient, I can only tell that their next album will be even more phenomenal.

You can pick up all their music through their Bandcamp!

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