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Shores of Acheron – End of Reign [REVIEW]

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Genre: Deathcore
Shores of Acheron’s debut EP, End of Reign, is seven tracks, roughly 25 minutes in length, and full of everything that deathcore should sound like. This album is the best example of deathcore that is filled with breakdowns, chugging, brutal low screams and high screams, and just simply heavy as hell. The introduction track is serene, calming, and has a more relaxing sound compared to the rest of the album. I would consider this to be just a “filler track” to prepare the listener for the remaining songs. “The Origin” follows the intro, and goes straight into a highs scream by Zack, chugging of guitars, and one big breakdown. This continues into about 50 seconds in, then the song starts to pick up quite a bit. The vocals turn into a more upbeat and fast pace, primarily high screams. The guitars are not chugging as much, but have a more technical side, this is done by Ben and Todd. The rest of the song keeps up the same beat it started out with, a very upbeat and fast pace, except for small breakdowns placed throughout the song. Also, not to forget, there are guest vocals done by Adam Warren of Oceano!

Song six on the EP, “Tyranny” is my favorite song on this EP. It right away starts with a breakdown, then into an even bigger breakdown, something you would normally hear in a deathcore band. I like this song more than the others because it shows a lot more variety than the others, I think. It has low screams, high screams, technical guitar work with the normal chugging, pig squeals, and the standard drum work you would normally hear in a deathcore song. It is also filled with breakdowns, more than five at least. 

This EP shows what Shores of Acheron is about very well, and it is a great album overall. However, I do not think this EP brings anything new to the table as far as deathcore goes. It is filled with the things you normally find in a deathcore band, and I think Shores of Acheron could bring a lot more to the table in their next release.

Album Score: 4.5 / 5

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