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Severtone – Novus Initium [REVIEW]

Purchase: Digital
Genre: Melodic Deathcore
Severtone’s 2012 release, Novus Initium, is a small taste of what Severtone is about. This EP is only three songs long and roughly 15 minutes worth of material. Severtone sounds similar to most popular melodic metalcore bands (Killswitch Engage, Trivium, etc.), but I cannot put a finger on which one they sound most like.
The first song off of this EP, “The Scole Experiment” is definitely different than an average deathcore song. Right out of the cage it has a strong melodic feel to it, but they don’t stray from the deathcore sound. It does not have a ton of guitar chugging, in fact, the guitar work in this is very melodic and changes throughout. There’s a break in the middle of the song with clean singing, though I could do without the singing, it’s a nice break. Also, the singing is not whiny or poorly done.
The third and final track off of Novus Initium is “Smashfuck.” It beings with a lot of blast beasts and melodic guitar work. The screams in this song are similar, if not the same, as they were in The Scole Experiment. I don’t think this is such a bad thing, as Bryce’s screams aren’t bad. Near the end of the song there is one breakdown; however, it is not the typical “crushing breakdown” most deathcore bands have. The end of the song ends with a pig squeal by Bryce and, again, another breakdown. 
Overall Novus Initium is pretty decent, if you’re into melodic deathcore/metalcore, or if you’re a fan of the popular melodic bands out there, like Trivium or Killswitch Engage. But… I have two gripes with it. I think that Bryce’s screams could have more range. Also, a $5.00 price tag on a three track digital EP isn’t too appealing. However, if the EP had a few more tracks and the same price tag, it would be more appealing.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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  • Anonymous on

    I agree, my screams definitely needed more range, and now they do 🙂 keep an ear out for our new material coming mid-late 2013, more brutal 🙂


  • Anonymous on

    Hell yeahs!

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