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Scorned Deity – Adventum [REVIEW]

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Genre: Symphonic Blackened Death Metal
Scorned Deity’s newest release Adventum is an album jam packed with so many different elements: blast beats, breakdowns, beautiful singing, symphonic sounds, and other elements that pulls the listener in and makes him/her not want to leave. The album itself is roughly 40 minutes long in the length, which is a good amount of length for the asking price ($10 for physical/$5 for digital). In all honesty, there is so many positive things I would like to say about this album, because it’s that damn good; however, I must minimize it for this review. 
The first song on the album, “Adventum” is probably one of my most favorite songs on this album. It is a lot more symphonic and entrapping than the other songs. It starts with the strumming of a bass, and then beautiful vocals of Sarah Hall start; which really makes you feel like you’re listening to something epic. It is very similar to something you would hear in an introduction to a movie, a movie that is focused on medieval times or the middle ages.
“Ritus,” the fourth song on this album is similar to the introduction. This is because it has more singing by Sarah, and it is very symphonic and entrapping towards the listener. It really takes a different route than majority of the songs on the album, because this song is nowhere nearly considered heavy. It reminds of some type of folk metal, or folk music in general.
The seventh song on this album “Pantastic” is my favorite song on this album without a doubt. It begins with singing by Sarah Hall, which opens the door to the listener with symphonic sounds. Before you think you will hear more symphonic music, guitar melodies come out fast and loud, vocals from Eric follow. This song hits you hard with it’s beautiful melody, rhythm, and its folk black metal sound. At 2:50, blast beats break the pattern of the song, and at 3:28 there is a small break in the song with vocals by Sarah, and black metal singing by Eric. Also there is more symphonic sounds soon thereafter, but at 4:09 the drums and guitar come back accompanying Sarah’s singing. The song fades out with keyboards/samples playing by Eric.
These are just three songs that I personally found to be amazing, so do not think these are the only good songs on this album. Every song on this album is great, and there is not one bad song. If you’re into symphonic music like me, you will definitely want to check this out. I highly recommend picking up this album, because it definitely does not disappoint.
Score: 5 / 5
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