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Sceptres – Empty Shore [REVIEW]

Genre: Djent / Progressive Hardcore
Sceptres’ latest single “Empty Shores” is roughly four minutes in length and is a non-stop barrage of djent-y influenced hardcore. The song starts out with layered vocals, high and mid screams, accompanying the normal djent-like guitar tone you would normally hear. At around 1:04 there is a small guitar solo that leads back into the normal pace of the song, but this time there is screaming layered over soft singing. The song keeps the same pace and sound throughout the remainder of the song, except with soft singing in some instances, and a breakdown at the end of the song.
“Empty Shores” is a solid track. They don’t overdo or under-do anything, plus the soft singing in some parts of the song don’t take away from the song at all (nor really add to it). Sceptres are more progressive hardcore than djent, so if you’re looking for a band that sounds exactly like popular djent bands, like Northlane or Volumes, you’re looking in the wrong place. However, I would like to say, Sceptres does sound similar to Volumes, but a little more heavier.

Score: 3.5/5

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