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Royal/Revise – Revival [REVIEW]

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Genre: Metalcore
Royal/Revise’s debut EP Revival has four tracks and roughly 15 minutes worth of material. It is purely metalcore, but more on the heavier side of metalcore, similar to The Air I Breathe (but without the singing).
“Consumed” is the second track on this EP and is filled with mid screams by LJ, that don’t vary too much, and a kind of progressive guitar tone by Tony. There really isn’t much to say about this song, simply because not much happens throughout it. Basically the same guitar tone, guitar chugging, vocals, and overall sound are used throughout the whole song. However, this does not make it bad, because it is actually pretty good.
The following track is “Providence,” starts out with a more technical sound and high screams by LJ. This song shows more of LJ’s vocal range than “Consumed” did, as he varies from high screams to mid screams. The entirety of this song is more melodic compared to “Consumed” as well, which is nice to see because it is a change of pace. However, Royal/Revise do not stray away from the guitar chugging. The song ends with a small breakdown.
Revival is your basic metalcore EP; nothing new is brought to the table with this EP, but that is not to say it is bad. Per contra, it is a pretty good album but I think Royal/Revise could bring more to the table with their next release. If you like The Air I Breathe, you should give Revival a listen.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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