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Review: Zenith Conflict – My Sins

Zenith Conflict is a one-man band from Melbourne, Australia. The person who wrote the material is named Jesse Van Dongen. His EP’s genre is Progressive Metal. This EP is an instrumental EP that consists of interesting riffs, refreshing drumming, and cool breakdowns.
The EP starts with the song “A New Beginning.” It starts out slow, with the drums and guitar setting the pace of the song. The fast kick pedal is a nice touch in the introduction. The guitar also gives off a creepy feel to it in the beginning. It starts to pick up towards the middle of the song. After a while of heaviness, a breakdown comes in around 1:30. I like the simple song structure of this song. It’s a good opening song for the EP.

Up next is a song called “My Sins.” It starts out with a breakdown which I was not expecting. It then transitions into mainly focusing on the guitars which provides the listener with a cool riff and a nice solo in the background. I really like the guitar solos in this song.

Dongen’s song “Spotlight” starts out with a groovy guitar riff and a sweet solo. The riffs continue until there is a short breakdown followed by a chorus-type riff. There is also another solo in the latter half of this song. I like the structure of the songs throughout this EP.

Song four of six is titled “The Reaper.” It starts out with a solo and a nice buildup by the rhythm guitar. I admire this guy’s writing ability. He includes a half-time feel then brings in heavy guitars. After the heaviness comes a chorus followed by slow guitars. He manages to switch up the feel of the song after a while which is a good thing because it helps keep the listener interested. The song ends with a breakdown and a solo in the background.

“End of You” starts out with a very nice clean setting and a slow drum beat followed by a guitar solo. It then starts to get a bit heavier and surprisingly back into a solo. I was expecting a breakdown. After the solo, a similar clean setting comes in. This is one of the slower songs of the EP.

The last song is a bonus track, called “Minorities.” It starts up with a lead guitar that that consists of cool bends and goes into a cool drum beat. There is a cool lead guitar riff towards the middle of the song and this part of the song feels like a chorus. The latter half of this song mainly consists of guitar solos and breakdowns.

Overall, I would say that I am glad I came across this album. I like how Dongen manages to put in a lot of guitar solos and breakdowns. I look forward to his future releases. I would give this album a 7 out of 10. You can purchase, My Sins, via Bandcamp.

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