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Review: Zebras – The City of Sun

Zebras‘ approach to crossover/thrash/punk and hardcore is exceptional. These three musicians know how to write angry, pissed-off, misanthropic songs and I salute them for it! Even though some of the songs, which can be heard in “The City of Sun” (thanks for the promo copy guys, appreciate it!), might seem interchangeable to some of our viewers/listeners, that doesn’t the damage the solid reputation of the trio.
These are some of the heaviest, rawest tracks; I can’t wait for this LP to be out! To quote the mates themselves: “Take a gander at the new album! Starting July 14th you can download it, stream it, buy the CD and preorder the vinyl. Vinyl will be available in a super limited color vinyl edition (100 hand numbered copies) and classic black vinyl for you purists that want to get the clearest sound (numbered edition of 400 copies). Vinyl will ship out in Sept. Get it at zebras.bandcamp.com July 14th.”

As for the LP itself…where do I f^%7@n’ start !?!? “Hollow Earth” is one of the angriest thrash masterpieces; it was a pleasure moshing to it! “The Turning of The Bones” – a very skillful math riff/ retro thrash combo. “My Apocalypse” felt like a ballad, even though it’s a typical thrash bruiser. “The Bell” – angry riffs + eerie synths equals a very happy Pig Squeals And Breakdowns‘ reviewer (that’s me folks). “Baalbek” is definitely a favourite of mine – it sounds like a track from a rare Exodus demo from the 80s (nicely done). “The Garden” slays! 😉 (and it has a pretty decent breakdown).

“Levitation”….it’s a pretty deranged, maniacal song; definitely not for the lightest of hearts. “Solomon” has some of the nastiest, elephant riffs; it punches! (and the synths are crisp…very well done!). The opening riff for “Vitrified” is just out of this world; especially the intro! The excellent LP ends with the magnificent “Filled With Fire” – a proper finale for this beast of a record!


For fans of: Electric Wizard, 80s thrash (Exodus, Nuclear Assault), Harm’s Way.

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