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Review: Wired Anxiety – The Delirium of Negation

Indian death metal band Wired Anxiety unleashed a new EP called The Delirium of Negation and it is sick. It is loaded with heavy riffs and vocals. India has a small metal scene, but there is a lot of talent if you know where to look. Among some forgettable bands are real gold mines like Wired Anxiety, for example. There are only 4 tracks and they are all worth a listen. You can pick up and listen to The Delirium of Negation on their Bandcamp and from Transcending Obscurity!

If I mentioned the vocals in the introduction, they must be interesting right? Well they kind of sound like a mix between Tom Barber (Lorna Shore) and Phil Bozeman (Whitechapel) so you can understand why I immediately brought them up. The guitars don’t sound like they are tuned too low, so the tones have just enough grit and low end to them to fuel the riffs. I think the guitar tones on The Delirium of Negation are great for the genre and it’s great that the guitars aren’t tuned too low because we are still able to hear the bass. Yes, mastering/mixing play a major role in whether or not bass is audible, but if you have guitars tuned low enough the two instruments can be hard to distinguish.

Wired Anxiety has a habit of playing a really fast riff then playing a slower, tremolo-picked riff and alternating between the two. I love the alternation and I love the accompanying drums for everything too. The drums lay down a solid track behind the guitars and vocals so you know what to headbang to. The band flows together really well in general, but I have some favorite moments: early in “Test Subject: Human,” the last 2 minutes or so in “Focus 22,” and all of “Severe Comorbidity.” Those all hit really hard and definitely get me moving every time I hear them.

The production on The Delirium of Negation is great, especially for death metal of this flavor. You can tell time was taken to make sure the album came out sounding as intended. While The Delirium of Negation may not sound “evil” or “angry”, it is a death metal album you put on when you don’t really need forced anger or music that tries hard to sound a certain way. Wired Anxiety has a knack for sick riffs.

Rate: 9/10

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