Review: Wicked World – Witch Hunt

Coming in this week is a sick deathcore/beatdown band from Wisconsin called Wicked World. Wicked World just put out a new EP called Witch Hunt and currently has 4 members and is seeking a second guitarist. Witch Hunt is powered by an inhuman energy that can only be tamed with violence. Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp!

Witch Hunt is a rather long EP and thankfully so. With all of the angry music out there, it can blend together and seem forced, but believe me when I say Witch Hunt is an angry record. The aggressive vocals are true and work with the instruments uniquely. There aren’t any effects on the vocals, but the way they work with the guitar and drums add on to the bass and guitars’ distortion. It’s hard to describe because the vocals’ performance casts a different light (or should I say shadow) on the music. They can be sinister, aggressive, or psychotic. In the case of “Watchyousleep,” all three are displayed. Sinister and psychotic are dominant in “Watchyousleep,” but aggression kicks in later too. The majority of the vocal delivery on Witch Hunt is anger, but the variance does make a difference in the mood of different songs.

I described Wicked World as deathcore/beatdown, but I honestly don’t know for sure what they are. They seem to blend those two genres the most. Songs like “Dogmother” and “Burn Victim” are more deathcore, while songs like “Panic” and Pack of Teeth” are more beatdown, but all of those have traces of both in them so take it however you will.

While the guitar work isn’t really technical or too simple, it sure gets the job done well. Just like the vocals can sound sinister or violent, so can the other instruments. Even the bass plays a role in this; listen to “Watchyousleep.” The bass is a key factor in the way that song functions and progresses, which I find interesting because that isn’t a common occurrence in metal. Sure, some bands may have that one song with a brief bass focus/break, but it kinda just stops there. I give props to Wicked World for allowing the bass to be heard throughout the whole EP and not just one or two songs. Also giving them props for making every song a banger and extremely unique in their own ways.

No matter what is going on in a song or how it progresses, it brings the heat. You’ll find yourself questioning reality and making dirty faces at how dank Witch Hunt can be. This review is a bit shorter than usual, but I can’t explain much better how dirty, creepy, and angry this EP can be. Most of the songs on it are under 4 minutes, so check at least two out. My favorite song on here would probably be “Burn Victim.”

Rate: 9.2/10

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