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Review: Whitefall – Origins

Progressive metalcore act Whitefall introduced themselves to the world on March 4th with their debut EP Origins. Origins is quite the stepping stone for Whitefall as it has left its mark on the world of progressive metalcore. If you like Fallujah or TesseracT, then you will certainly enjoy Whitefall and their introduction into the musical world. Head to Whitefall’s Facebook and their Bandcamp!

Origins is pretty brief with 4 tracks and an introduction, all under 4 minutes (except “Causality”). “Archetype” is the 2nd track and 1st song that is sure to get you moving while keeping you entranced by the progressive melodies and drumming and overall riffs. I love the guitar tone: it is not saturated and it has an overdrive/fuzzy kind of tone that is somewhere between those two. “Archetype” is much more of a metalcore song than progressive metalcore and is probably the song that gets the crowd moving during live performances. Nevertheless it has good riffs and melodies.

“Causality” features Dan Tompkins (TesseracT) and is definitely where you hear the progressive metalcore break out. The lead guitar gets ethereal at times, leading you into a false sense of stability before a breakdown hits. What’s neat about “Causality” is how the song is structured. It takes you to different levels throughout the song, all accompanied by mid ranged vocals.

Origins actually reminds me of Of Divinity by the riffs and guitar tones and sometimes even the vocals, but mostly the riffs/tones. Whitefall is definitely more instrumentally involved and write more complex song structures than Of Divinity (at least so far). That isn’t to pick on Of Divinity at all; they are simply not a progressive band at this point in time. The opening riff in “Dreamweaver” sounds more like an Of Divinity song, but the drumming here is more intricate. “Dreamweaver” is similar to “Archetype” by how fun they both are and by the way the breakdown go down (hah). “Archetype” is a straightforward song and is the shortest one on Origins, while “Dreamweaver” is more about the main breakdown and ending, both of which last for about the last minute or so. “Dreamweaver” does extend that breakdown, but I don’t know, I dig it. There’s energy in it.

The last song, “The Flare”, is a big sounding song. The chords played by all guitars project a wall of guitar sort of sound. “The Flare” starts great and how you would expect it, simmers down significantly just to surprise you with a breakdown wall towards the end. I think it’s worth sitting through the spoken word section, but that’s me.

I’ve listened to Origins many times and find it great to listen to during commutes or if you want to show off a talented metalcore band. I see great things from Whitefall in the future; they have already played with the likes of TesseracT and Dream On, Dreamer, so that’s got to count for something. I recommend the tracks “Causality” and “Archetype.”

Rate: 8.5/10

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