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Review: Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of the Void

Whispered is a Melodic Death Metal band from Finland. Their current line-up consists of four members: Jouni Valjakka (guitars and vocals), Mikko Mattila (guitars), Kai Palo (bass and additional vocals), and Jussi Kallava (drums). They have released three albums since their formation: Thousands Swords (2010), Shogunate Macabre (2014), and Mesutan-Songs of the Void (2016).

The intro of Chi No Odori really showcases the Japanese-elements of this album, with unique sounds instruments accompanied by a male singer. There are a lot of instruments going on in this song that I can’t name but they sound great. The drum beats are also sick. This is a great opening track.

Strike! brings you to the bands heavy, melodic side. The short drum fill (0:44-0:47) is awesome and I can’t wait to hear more. 1:05-1:25 contains a great section of lead guitar playing that is worth checking out. I love how they can be melodic yet have head-banging material as well. 2:28-2:46 contains a killer guitar solo that impresses me. We also get to hear a bass piece that follows! I’m digging the raw vocals so far. I like how they switch up the style of vocals (shouts, mids, and highs).

Exiled of the Floating World begins with a bang. After the instrumental intro, the focus transitions to the vocals. 0:35-0:52 contains another sick guitar section. I find it really interesting how they incorporate unusual instruments that I don’t hear every day. The guitarists continue to impress me with their lead playing ability. The vocalists continue to deliver intense vocals throughout the song.

Sakura Omen opens up with some more unique instruments. It’s great how they can make the unique instruments work well with the typical ones. 1:29-2:03 contains one of my favorite riffs that I’ve heard in a long time. Don’t forget to check this out either. There continues to be a lot of great instrumental moments in this song. Surprisingly, there is a spoken part between 4:07 and 4:18. I love their variety of vocal techniques.

I love the opening intro to Kensei. There’s a lot of great melodic moments in here. The drummer continues to deliver beats at an insane speed in addition to sweet fills. The drums are one of my favorite aspect of this song due to the complexity and speed. This is another solid track by Whispered. It doesn’t stray away from the theme of the album.

I love the instrumental intro in Our Voice Shall Be Heard. I find it interesting how they had a bass play behind the vocals (0:39-0:50). It’s nice that they can manage to continue to incorporate unique elements into this album. 3:37-4:04 contains a really nice solo. The guitarists really know their way around the guitar.

Tsukiakari is a long song (8:05 in length). The intro contains some very nice orchestral instruments. They managed to accompany those with the similar Japanese sounding instruments and I found that impressive. There are a lot of nice moments in this song containing sweet instrumentals. This is a nice track and the duration impresses me.

Apart form some shouts, the song Warriors of Yama is an instrumental track. Not much to say about this song but it contains some solid instrumental pieces. I like how calming the intro is.

Victory Grounds Nothing brings the listener back to the chaos. After the intro there is another surprising spoken part. There’s also some clean singing too (1:25-1:47)! Whispered still manages to keep me interested so far. In my opinion, the vocals are the most interesting aspect of this song. They have screaming, spoken parts, and clean singing.

The last track, Bloodred Shores of Enoshima contains more of the familiar instruments we’ve heard along with the sound of ocean waves in the background that is a nice touch. I was not expecting the duration of this song to be as long as it is (11:22!). Their song writing is great. The instruments do a great job accompanying the vocals. This is an impressive conclusion to a very interesting album. I like how they have clean vocals harmonizing with the lead guitar (6:28-7:03).

This is definitely one of the most interesting albums that I’ll hear this year. I like how experimental they were by including typical metal elements with Japanese elements and orchestral instruments. I also like how there was a nice variety of vocals (screams, shouts, cleans, spoken word). I would give this album an 8 out of 10. I think it’s worth checking out.

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