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Review: We Have Been Compromised – Avarice

We Have Been Compromised is a six-member deathcore band from Florida. They have one EP out called Avarice. The band is made of: Zachary Jenckes and Nick Barton each doing vocals, Devin Schuler and Christian Dunne on the guitars, Draven Powell on drums, and Xavier Lang on bass.
I enjoyed the vocals on this EP. The vocals consist of highs, mids, and lows. The lows remind me of Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. The singers did a good job at figuring out when to utilize certain types of screams. The variety of screams kept me interested in the songs. The lyrical content in this EP deals with topics such as the purpose of life, problems with society, and self-determination.

I was surprised that there are solos from the guitars in every song. That is great. They have a very heavy feel to them. I admire the guitarists abilities to play slow and fast throughout the EP. They have some nice breakdowns. Check out their song “Tyrants” for a great breakdown. That would be a fun song to see live. The guitars are not 100% heavy in this EP, however. There is a nice clean setting in the song “Lucy” which I found refreshing.

Powell did a great job on the drums. I respect his ability to play along with the pace of the song throughout the EP. As with every instrument in this EP, he too does a good job keeping the listener interested by varying the pace of his playing. He also has complex fills in the EP which sound great. Check out the intro of the song Lucy to hear some great fills.

Overall, this is a very good EP. This band has a lot of potential considering this is their first release. It’s very high quality due to the complexity of the drums, heavy guitars, and great vocals. I would give this EP 4 out of 5 stars.

You can buy Avarice on Bandcamp.

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