Review: Wage War – Blueprints

Wage War has been a very recent addition to Fearless Records’ roster. Signed earlier this year, a short instrumental video had been posted teasing their upcoming album. Released late November 2015, Wage War’s debut album Blueprints has blasted past the usual metalcore albums and launched them to the near top. They’re ruthless, but uplifting. Blueprints is full of catchy choruses, low growls that sound too heavy to be metalcore, and breakdowns that are deeply infectious. This album is full of great moments, and it’s not afraid to throw in a little something to mix up a song. Blueprints grooves, slugs, sings and impresses.

Blueprints is an 11 track album. Each song consists of the usual intro, verse, chorus, breakdown. I’ve listened to the entire album several times over, and each of the previous sections excel, every single time, on every song. Vocally, Blueprints contains singing, yells, lows, growls and the occasional high scream and all of the vocals sound very solid and fit the music very well. The singing is catchy and heartfelt, and the rough vocals/screams are powerful. Briton Bond (lead vocals) and Cody Quistad (secondary vocals and guitar) have definitely become one of my favorite vocalist duos. As far as the rest of the album goes, omitting vocals, it’s very heavy. You’d be hard pressed to find another modern metalcore band as heavy and unrelenting as Wage War. Instrumentally, the breakdowns are deathcore worthy, and the choruses and verses toe the line between classic and ground breaking. There’s so much content here, it’s really amazing.

Overall, Wage War’s debut album, Blueprints, is nothing short of fantastic. It’s heart pounding, fast, heavy and intense. There’s so much emotion in this album: anger, redemption, forgiveness, independence. Blueprints is a light piercing through the fog of numerous and indistinguishable metalcore bands. Wage War has successfully caught our attention. I’d recommend Wage War’s Blueprints to any fans of traditional metalcore (As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, A Day To Remember) who wants something heavier. Anyone looking for catchy anthem-like singing and screaming hooks, brutal breakdowns, and mind blowing songwriting will absolutely love this album.


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