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Review: Vomitile – Pure Eternal Hate

This week brings a heavy find for fans of straight up death metal from Cyprus under the name of Vomitile. Vomitile has been around for about a decade and is still living in the shadow of their recently released album Pure Eternal Hate. Pure Eternal Hate has 10 tracks clocking in at about 36 minutes.

Admittedly, I was not expecting much walking into this album; I receive a lot of good and not great music to listen to and most who describes themselves a certain way tend to not catch my fancy. However, Vomitile is very different. Pure Eternal Hate is a fun and nice record to listen to. Vomitile describes the album’s style to be in the same vein as old school death metal, but I don’t think that is the most accurate description for this album. When I hear old school death metal I imagine a very distinct style of death metal with a certain type of production, song structure, and etc. Pure Eternal Hate sounds like modern death metal heavily influenced by old school death metal. By the simple song structures and riffs you can easily think of old school death metal, but the production, vocals, guitar tone, and even the drumming just sound more modern to an extent.


The vocals use the same style for every song with little to no inflection or change, which is analogous to the old school stuff, but old school death metal was usually in a lower tone and spewed out gorier lyrics (not that that matters). The vocals tend to follow the flow of the guitar riffs in some way or another. For example, on the end of “Hatefield” the vocalist follows the riff exactly, but on “Glorify the Insane,” the vocalist seems to follow the drummer’s snare drum more.


Moving on to the production, it does a pretty decent job of presenting clarity in distorted guitars and even the entire drum set, but there is no bass as per usual with death metal. I appreciate how the volume of the guitar(s) does not change during the solos. I’ve heard a ton of bands crank up the volume or even just stack the guitar over everything else during a 20 second solo and it’s just bad every time. The solos on Pure Eternal Hate are done very well not just because of the appropriate production, but because they sound good. The tone is controlled and the solos are not just the guitarist randomly noodling whatever scales he knows how to play quickly, which I’ve heard a lot. The solos are great not just because their sound is consistent with the rest of the track, but also because they don’t overstay their welcome. When the solo plays through and gets the point across, it ends and the song moves on! It’s great, I love it. The solos are very enjoyable: they are direct, show off just enough, and are sonically consistent. The tone is never scratchy or screechy or too tinny. I actually really like the tone used during solos because it sounds powerful and not irritating. My favorite solo is on “Executioner of Strength” because it is broken up into a few parts and flows very smoothly with the interjecting riffs. “Executioner of Strength” is interesting in itself because it has an overarching doom metal sound to it that lingers above the otherwise death metal sounding track.

There are a lot of really cool riffs throughout Pure Eternal Hate. As I just mentioned, “Executioner of Strength” has a doom-y sound for a good chunk of the song, while “Carnal Surgery” has a lot of fast-moving tremolo-picked notes, thick chords, and pummeling double bass from the drummer. Then there’s “Pestilation,” which sounds like something from Deicide with different vocals. Like I said before, Pure Eternal Hate is modern heavily influenced by older stuff in the best way possible (when is old school death metal bad though?). Every song gives you something to headbang to even if for a minute. The songs are simple enough to follow and stay interesting. I would definitely recommend this album to fans of Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Entombed. Though my favorite track is “To Deflesh,” they are all good and listening to any of them will give you a good taste of the album.


Rate: 8.4/10


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