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Review: Visions of Disfigurement – Miscreated

Facebook – Genre(s): Slam – Location: Manchester, UK

Review by Adriana.

Visions of Disfigurement is a slamming death metal band from Manchester, England. Miscreated was independently released in November of 2014 and is VoD’s debut EP. The EP is a short listen at around 20 minutes and is available for a free download on Bandcamp, which you will find linked here: http://visionsofdisfigurement.bandcamp.com/

Miscreated opens with the song “Miscreated”: a segment of, what sounds like, cries of the damned, establishing a gory atmosphere. The intro set up a slamming start with heavily distorted, down­ tuned guitars and low/growled vocals. Pig squeals enter the song quickly and lead the song for a few measures into a brief beatdown. The rest of the song sticks to the beatdown vibe with chugging guitar riffs, an accompanying bass line, and heavy drumming. The double bass grants more brutality to the slow chugs of the song.

The next song, “Disastrous Vaginal Invasion”, is more of a grind sounding song. It has an adrenaline­ building start that blows you away. The drums are much quicker and pound the speakers more. As the song progresses, grind elements kick in more with climatic build­ ups that consist of short, harmonious guitar breaks. “Disastrous Vaginal Invasion” has growled vocals as well as high screams in a few parts. The bass isn’t as easily heard on this track as it is on the opening, but it is present. The song ends with one guitar playing higher, tremolo­ picked notes, and a heavy ending riff that stops abruptly.

“Gaped and Spat In” captures Visions of Disfigurement’s sound the best because it’s a combination of slam, grind, and death metal. It has Dan Bramley’s distinct lows, highs, and pig squeals, vile lyrics, beatdowns with the super distorted guitar tone, and drums that really compliment the rhythm guitar.

This entire EP was a decent listen. For being independently produced/released (and the first EP at that), the production was not bad. It would serve the band well to turn up the bass and the drums a little bit. The double bass kicks and the ride cymbal(s) were clear, but not so much the snare, toms, and other cymbals. That is pretty minor and is just me nitpicking; otherwise it was a nice EP to listen to. Because of the short length and heavy riffs, I found myself repeating the whole thing over and over. To elaborate on the vocals more: the highs remind me of Alex Koehler (Chelsea Grin), but the lower vocals have a more unique sound. Though the growls are not my favorite, they are not bad and will probably progress in the future to deeper and more guttural depths.

Rating: 7.7/10

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