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Review: Unborn Suffer – Nihilist

A solid Death Grind monstrosity from Poland, Unborn Suffer have released their fifth album Nihilist last year along with a video clip of “Open Defiance”. I see this as a great opportunity for our core kiddies to expand their genre knowledge. Death Grind being the beautiful bastard offspring of Death Metal and Grindcore is known as the ultimate step up in brutality as far as death metal sub-genres are concerned. One thing I have never liked about death grind albums is that the album always goes by too fast, but I guess others feel the same way, because this album has seventeen tracks – making the duration perfect between overstaying its welcome and leaving too soon.

“Obscurity” is a very catchy opener, as our listeners will come to realize, nearly every song of this genre is inherently fast. This track savors the inevitable by having a slower death metal intro before throwing the audience into disarray. As every track is so quick, going for a little over a minute, I would be boring you if I went into detail as to what worked or didn’t in every track – the album would probably finish faster than the time it would take you to read my words, so I’ll be a little more generalized.

The vocals are incredibly versatile. The vocals are as one would expect from a death grind band, but what makes them stand out is the interchanging between growls, gurgles, pig squeals, and most surprisingly, screams that would have the most die-hard of Mitch Lucker fans awe-struck.

There is never really a point in the album where the listener might feel that a track is dull or even repetitive, if anything at all, a listener might get positively frustrated about a song not being long enough or perhaps wishing a segment of a song could be a little longer. Either way, I cannot imagine a fan of this genre giving any negative feedback. Heads will bang, the guitars will put the noisiest of chainsaws to shame, and ears will be left sore and wanting more.

The bass is very audible, considering the fact that this instrument is usually halfway to being muted in most metal bands in general, it is very pleasant to hear the crunching and distorted sound. A song where the bass is a good example of being heard is “Vain in Cage” as it gels well in the intro, and more importantly, stands out in segments near the end of the song. Whoever mixed this album truly deserves a medal.

For anyone that wants my two cents, “Self Purification”, “Life Is a Lie”, and “L.A.W (Lost All Worth)” are perhaps my favorite tracks purely because of their slamming segments. I mean, if Slam and Grindcore were people, I think they would be the best of friends, if not brothers.

Drum and guitar-wise, this is the utmost brutal step up in death metal, and so instrumentally, there is definitely a high demand for the ability to keep segments fast and tight. That being said however, I like how the simpler variations in songs strengthen the flow of the album, keeping the connection between the music and the listener alive – by now I don’t think I need to mention how many bands lose their connection with listeners by constantly trying (and sometimes failing) to be technical. One other thing, I would never have forgiven myself if I had left out the unrelenting use of the cow bell. Simply put, it’s bloody brilliant and I wish more bands of this genre would do it from time to time.

Overall, I could not fault the album even if I tried, for even the tracks that go for just a few seconds are good. For example, “Grind Until I Die” goes for a total of twenty-four seconds and ends in a very amusing manner – I’m not going to spoil it because I want you to hear it for yourself.

This is the kind of band I would actually nag and nag into coming to my hometown if they haven’t already. I mean why not, my hometown has a strong Polish community and an even stronger Death Grind scene – of course I could be exaggerating. You see, when it comes to death grind, gore grind, or porno grind, every country that has a little over five local bands goes on thinking their scene is the best in the world… a bit like every country with their local hip hop scene… but jokes aside, I think I have just found my favorite Death Grind band, and I think a lot of our readers will be discovering one of their first.

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