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Review: True Lie – At The First Glare Of A Colder Sky

Review by Andriana.

True Lie is a metal band from Foligno, Italy. Their music is on Spotify and Bandcamp. The album of today’s interest is At the First Glare of a Colder Sky. This debut album was released in 2014 and consists of 8 tracks running about 35 minutes long. The video for “As the Dawn Broke” is on YouTube as well.

At the First Glare of a Colder Sky is such an intriguing album. I listened through it multiple times and I still can not find a definite genre to place it in. It has groove metal, metalcore, melodic, thrash, and even some death metal elements throughout the album. There is a lot to like about the album because of how versatile it is. The guitar has fuzzy/over-driven tone with ethereal high notes to support the melodic riffs and during solos. The drums come in crystal clear, allowing each stroke, roll, and strike to fondle your ear drums.

One of my favorite songs is the first, “As the Dawn Broke.” This song starts with a 48 second calm guitar introduction then leads into melodic riffage soon after. “As the Dawn Broke” sounds decently influenced by metalcore with the clean vocals and quick breakdowns. The clean vocals have a unique sound; they are gruff and gritty, but are still quite soothing. They match the rawness of the screamed vocals very well.

“When Everything Withers” is another song I really liked off this album. This song sounds more like groove metal, but still retains a metalcore sound in the chorus and with the drumming at some parts. The chorus on “When Everything Withers” is one of, if not, my favorite choruses this album has to offer. It has a heavy and heavenly duality going on while the gruff clean vocals transcend you to the next level of the fuzzy/over-driven guitar mastery. I think it’s really fun, creative, and special that a whole album can sound like it’s from the same band yet sound so varied. What makes this song stand out, for me at least, is the fast transitions from groove riffs, to headbanging chugs, to that chorus, and to groove metal again, to speed metal, and back to groove. It all flows well without bad transitions or slow preludes to dampen the fun.

“To Embers and Ashes” is track 5 and is one of the shorter songs on At the First Glare of a Colder Sky. This song is a bit more metalcore sounding. It has a calm guitar intro, but is cut quickly by a short breakdown. I’m not a fan of the calm sections or the clean vocals in this particular song. I feel like they are mismatched with what is going on in the song, but if you like the cleans then you just may like them in this song as well. I think True Lie could have done away with the intro, but the other calm parts during the song sound fine and contrast well. Other than those two, this song is great. Guitar work, screamed vocals, drums, and bass are solid. The guitars give a lot to the listener by the solo, different riffs, cleaned up sections, and rhythm.

Similar statements can be said about the song proceeding track 5, which is “The Hand that Fed Me Lies”, except there aren’t any calm sections. This song has a melodic metalcore sound to it. There are chug­ based riffs and a really nice solo. Aggressive cymbals assist the headbanging riffs. This song would probably appeal people the most because of all that. It is definitely a great song, but if you want to get a gist of what True Lie is about then I recommend either “As the Dawn Broke” or “When Everything Withers.” A heavier song to listen to is “Reek of Desperation.” This song has death and metalcore elements while keeping a tempo anybody can enjoy.

At the First Glare of a Colder Sky is a nice album and I feel privileged to be able to review it on a good note. As I said before, there is a lot to like about the album and a lot to offer. The mixing/mastering was done well as nothing sounded unbalanced or layered. I didn’t know what to expect from the album because I had never heard of True Lie or React Records before. If you like anything I described above, then you should check the album out. You may find yourself listening to At the First Glare of a Colder Sky as often as I do.

Rate: 8.4/10

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