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Review: TraumaxQueen – Duality EP

Are you looking for a new, angry, female-fronted hardcore band? Then look no further, because TraumaxQueen is here to change the entire hardcore scene for the better. TraumaxQueen is a straightedge crossover band based out of various parts of South Carolina. Fronted by Molli Silvers (Hog Tide), this band also features Austin Evans on guitar (God Devourer), Jake Paris on bass (Backwards Youth), and Tyler Washington on drums (Hog Tide). The band released their first EP, which consists of five songs, entitled ‘Duality’ on October 5th, and have been receiving nonstop praise for it.

The opening track, Duality, really represents what this release is all about. It’s about being angry about all of the issues that are happening throughout the world, and more specifically the United States of America. Not even three seconds into the introduction, you are already greeted by Molli’s wrathful screamed vocals, and within less than fifteen seconds later, you have some really intense guitar riffs blasting out of your speakers. The next track, Old News, is an instrumental track with a very mellow beat. It also has several news clips playing in the background, definitely an interesting addition to the EP.

The third song, Test Me, is my personal favorite. Not only does it go from somewhat ‘mellow’ to really fast paced in a matter of a couple seconds, but it really makes you angry. Additionally, the bass line around 40 seconds in is absolutely spectacular. Around the 2:30 mark, Austin’s ability to shred his guitar is showcased with an amazing solo, he is definitely a good fit for this band. Bitter, the fourth song which features Nicholas Presson from Trudge, is probably the angriest song out of the five provided for us. Between Molli and Nick’s harsh vocals, to the palm-muted guitars, there isn’t much not to love about this song. Lastly, the fifth track, Smack, goes hard and is really ‘in your face.’ After about two minutes, it turns into an all-out jam session and is really a cool way to wrap up the EP. If you’re interested in checking TraumaxQueen’s EP, Duality, head over to their bandcamp.

Personally, I give this EP a solid 9/10. Not only is TxQ completely original, but they also doesn’t sound like every other band in the hardcore scene right now. Each member of this band is incredibly talented and are kicking ass. I look forward to both seeing them live in November and hearing more content from them.


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  • GarbagexBand on

    If you think this band sounds original, I don’t think you’ve ever heard a hardcore band before.

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