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Review: Tongues – Tongues EP

Ex-vocalist from Aversions Crown went off to play in another project called Tongues, who will be releasing a new self-titled EP. The 5 members wanted to make music that was more aggressive and raw. Many strive for a raw sound, but do they actually achieve it? This EP will be available on all major formats, but you can head to their Facebook and listen to their new single!

I am somewhat on the fence about Tongues because I like it, but it also disappoints me at the same time. There definitely is a rawness to songs like “Dead Hand” and “No Solace.” The other songs aren’t great, but aren’t bad either. However, the songs can blend together if you aren’t paying much attention and that’s what’s really disappointing to me. There just isn’t a lot of variation between the main riffs in each song. It sounds like every riff and breakdown is done on the same string so it gets old quick. That’s unfortunate because listening to the songs individually without listening through the EP is much more enjoyable since they don’t have anything to blend with.

I wish the vocalist used the really sick gutturals more on Tongues that way more of the breakdowns would be excusable, but yeah no. There is one brief part in one song with low growls and that’s about the extent of that. There is a lot of variation between mid and high vocals so I appreciate that.

If you are wondering how this compares to Aversions Crown: it doesn’t. Tongues is more of a deathcore/nu-metal sort of project. There are a lot of breakdowns, groovy riffs, china hits, and fast lyrics about bad people. There is no technicality in the guitar work or drumming and one blast beat. All 5 tracks move at almost the same tempo and have blended breakdowns. 2 songs use the shotgun blast sound during a breakdown too if you’re interested in that. So I will say no, Aversions Crown and Tongues are not similar.

I wish I could praise this EP more since the songs are fun to listen to on their own time, but I just can’t without lying. I do like nu-metal and as a genre it does the things that Tongues does, but it pretty much stops there on this EP. Some of the riffs have a decent groove to em, but that is undermined by how similar they sound to the other riffs in other songs. With that said, I still think you should listen to the EP, just in intervals.

Rate: 6.1/10

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