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Review: To The Grave – No Lives Matter

To the Grave are a 5 piece deathcore band from Sydney, Australia. They have been around for a couple of years and in that time they have toured with the likes of A Night In Texas, Boris The Blade, Iconoclast and more big names in the scene. They have released one other single Prior to the ‘No Lives Matter’ EP titled ‘Born Dead’.

The first thing that grabbed my attention from the first couple of minutes was the production- everything sounds so clear and balanced, and heavy as hell. No 2007-esque gritty deathcore production here! The other prominent first impression I got was that this band aren’t trying to follow the crowd; there are a few examples of this, such as the questionable use of electronic drum samples- they may be brief and sound a little out of place at first but they are there to let you know that To The Grave aren’t here to follow a recipe. They follow up on this front by offering memorable riffs, breakdowns and vocal passages, as well as creating a unique atmosphere for each of the 3 songs.

Throughout the EP To The Grave deliver a well balanced blend of technicality, heaviness and touches of cross-genre influences. Gelling all this together is one beast of a vocalist- Dane Evans shows off a great range, carefully thought out placement of different screams and impressive lyric writing capabilities. The rest of the band have also made an audible effort to make the instrumentation diverse, intelligent and interesting to listen to, all while retaining compatibility for vocals, which in some cases can be lost with other bands.

It really is impressive how well their songs are composed and it is difficult to fault them on that premises! However I am a little disappointed that the EP only has 3 songs- the first song ‘Aokigahara‘ is only around 2 and a half minutes in length and the second, ‘hearteater’, was already released as a single 3 months before. So that means for a hefty wait fans like myself effectively only get one and a half new songs. Regardless of how long the EP is, it has left a lasting impression on me and certainly delivers everything you’d want from a modern deathcore release. To The Grave have an energy and maturity to their music that gives me really good vibes and I see this band going places. Their music is interesting and they work hard, both in and out of the studio. What more could you want? I look forward to seeing this band grow further and hearing new material!

rating: 7/10

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