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Review: The Sideline Haters – Who Shaves The Barber?

I just got another review email from a band called The Sideline Haters, a self-dubbed “modern death metal” quartet emerge from Compiègne, France, with their debut Who Shaves The Barber? Full of grooving riffs, blast beats, and classic death metal vocals, Who Shaves The Barber? is sure to strike a nostalgic chord somewhere in you. There are no breakdowns to be found on this short three song EP, The Sideline Haters go hard, reminding the listener how versatile and just plain heavy death metal can be. You will want more.

The EP starts with “The Sideline Effect“. The song (like the rest on the album) consist of Florian “Jack” M. on vocals, Allan “M-Slay” B. on guitar, Élodie “Ch!ng” G. on bass and Guillaume “Wade” C. on drums. The beginning of the song starts with M-Slay’s overdubbed guitars powerfully grooving through the opening riff, building suspense with blast beats. When the song finally breaks, consistent blast beats from Wade (drums) push the song along with quick tremolo picking from M-Slay. Jack (vocals) enters spewing a heavy onslaught of low and high screams.

While each of the three songs are unique and exciting in their own ways, “The Sideline Effect” gives a generally good idea of what the entire EP sounds like; each member is great with their instrument, and everything meshes very well. While not as technical, I found myself reminded of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, and The Tony Tapdance Extravaganza in terms of riff feel and movement. There aren’t many explicitly “oh shit” moments, but rest assured, you’re likely to find yourself lost in the many riffs. The Sideline Haters don’t take themselves too seriously, but don’t let that turn you off, they’ve written great and heavy songs with incredible replay-ability.

Overall, Who Shaves The Barber? is a solid, versatile album worth nothing short of a dedicated listen. With a death metal sound, sprinkled with hints of deathcore, Who Shaves The Barber? is sure to have something that’ll pique your interest and keep you listening to the last seconds.


You can check out The Sideline Hater’s Facebook page here

Their YouTube page here

And their Bandcamp page here where you can buy Who Shaves The Barber? (currently set to ‘name your price’)

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