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Review: The Overmind – Dissolution

The Overmind is a Death Metal band from South Africa. Since their formation in 2014, they have released one EP which I will be reviewing. It was released in January of 2015 and contains four songs. The band’s current line-up is: Wojtek Starzak (vocals), Jethro May (guitar), Deven Phillips (guitar), and Brynn Huxtable (drums).

Descent Protocal starts out this EP with great instrumentals. I like the frequent use of the harmonics. The guitarists can really shred. Pay attention to the shredding riffs, they’re sick. There’s also a sick lead guitar that is a sweet addition. I’m surprised they went from a guitar solo to a breakdown. The drumming in this song is cool. From the start, Huxtable doesn’t stop. He delivered complex beats, fast drumming, and added to the heaviness of the breakdown. I’m a big fan of Starzak’s vocals on this EP. I like his frequent use of mids accompanied by the occasional high.

The second song, Blueprint Bioforms, is where the guitarists shine. I really like the opening riffs. It’s catchy and complex. Huxtable did a good job on maintaining his style of playing throughout the EP. The solo is crafted nicely. I like how it has a stop and go feel to it. I think that the guitarists have a lot of potential for the band’s future releases. The vocals are nice. Starzak does a great job on delivering monstrous lows. Speaking broadly, I’m more of a fan of highs, but I really like his lows.

Song three of four is called I Wade Through Endless Corpses. The opening riff is great. I like how they alternate between high, octave-sounds, and low notes. The fills Huxtable created during the low part of the intro riff is a nice touch. It is refreshing to hear Starzak use different types of vocals in this song compared to the frequent use of mids and highs. I was also surprised to hear another solo. The frequent use of the lead guitar solos kept me wanting more.

Ending this EP is a track called Null Void Eidolons. The beginning of this song has an old Suicide Silence feel to it. I like that. I really like the melody the guitarists created after the intro. Huxtable continues to impress me with the complexity of his playing. I find it surprising that Starzak included some very high screams in this song. The range he has is incredible.

This is a solid EP from the South African Death Metal band The Overmind. I love how every song has a guitar solo in it. Huxtable doesn’t stop his insane drumming at all throughout the EP. Starzak has a wonderful vocal range and talks about issues such as war and death. This band has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to their full-length album. I would give this EP a 9/10.

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