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Review: The New Age – Think Too Much; Feel Too Little

From Columbus, Ohio, The New Age is a technical post-hardcore band that excels at everything they do. Granted, that only includes a single EP with a measly 6 tracks (and really only 5 songs at that, the first track is an instrumental). Even so, they’re some of the best post-hardcore songs I’ve really ever heard. The New Age straddles the line between the mid-late 2000s post-hardcore sound, and the current generation of heavier post-hardcore, along with tasteful hints of modern-day metalcore. What does this mean? It means emotional singing and screaming, a powerful accompanying instrumental track, and an overall great album that every post-hardcore and every metalcore fan should own.

Think Too Much; Feel Too Little, is a powerful and emotional album. It opens with an intro track that begins with soft keys and background feeling drums. An old degraded voiceover track can be heard faintly in the background. As the song builds up to its final measure, the voiceover can be heard saying “we think too much, and feel too little”. Honestly, its enough to give me goose bumps, and its a fantastic way to begin the EP.

The second song, “This Life”, begins with a catchy riff that breaks down into a technological mess, only to be brought back to life heavier than before. The song clocks in at around 5 minutes, and at about the 30 second mark, you heard the vocals for the first time. The vocals comprise of singing, yells, lows, and the occasional high scream and they’re all absolutely amazing. The entire song is masterfully crafted, with a surprising amount of technicality and heaviness littered throughout. Towards the end of the song there’s actually a great guitar solo as well.

As I said above, there are really 5 songs on this EP. They’re all different from each other, but uniform enough to fit perfectly together on the album. I have no technical complaints about this album, nor do I have any personal complaints. I’m very excited to hear more from The New Age, as every song on Think Too Much; Feel Too Little is incredible.


Check out the band’s Facebook page here, and here is the link to buy their album on iTunes.

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