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Review: The Eyes of a Traitor – By Sunset

By Sunset is a strong, five track EP full of inventive breakdowns, blood pumping riffs, and demonic screams. From the first seconds it’s clear that The Eyes Of A Traitor aren’t your average, generic metal. While they’re not strictly deathcore, it’s tough to lump them into any single genre as they successfully take elements from several genres. The outcome of this mash of genres and styles is absolutely breathtaking.

By Sunset starts with the track “Disrememberence”. It wastes no time getting to the heavy, diving straight into an intense drum fill. Distorted guitars threateningly jump into the fray of a slamming snare and cymbal, quickly building the suspense. When the vocals enter, their harshness may surprise you. The clean polish in some screamer’s screams isn’t found here. These vocals are brutal, aggressive, and messy.

Halfway through the song comes the first breakdown, between the chugging and screaming chime quick licks and sweeps. “Disrememberence” is an intense start to The Eyes of a Traitor’s EP that represents what the rest of the album will sound like. If you liked “Disrememberence” there’s a good chance you’ll like the rest of it, especially seeing as the further you dive into By Sunset, the heavier, more melodic, and intense it gets.

The title track “By Sunset”, is centered around a single revolving riff. That being said, it’s a damn good riff that keeps being built up and broken down again. Just when you feel the song’s gotten stale, a lively guitar solo is thrown in to jog things up a bit and reinvent the song. Overall, between the riffs, breakdowns, and solos, “By Sunset” is everything a title track should be.

The next track, “Bloodshed” is the most generic song on the album. That being said, it’s a great song that can easily hold it’s own. Though it may sound a little too familiar at some points, it throws in enough distant melodies and guitar riffs or chugs that, maybe you just weren’t expecting, to make it interesting and fun.

Overall, The Eyes Of A Traitor’s By Sunset EP is creative and intense. It crosses genres and is never afraid to be a little different.


You can check out The Eyes Of A Traitor’s Facebook page for more information on the band and their past and future releases.

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