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Review: The Devils of Loudun – Enduring Creation

The Devils of Loudun is a Symphonic Death Metal band from Seattle Washington. Their current line-up consists of: Scott Hermanns (guitar), Drew Tuel (lead guitar), LJ Cline (bass), Billy Keller (drums), Ben Velozo (keyboards), and Vance Bratcher (vocals). Since their formation in 2009, they have released a single called Guise of the Deceiver, an EP called Entering Oblivion, and their new EP that I’ll be reviewing. Enduring Creation is a five-song EP and is 26 minutes and 31 seconds in length.

Cast the Stone kicks the EP off with a bang. I really like the screams that Bratcher does. I find it great how the guitarists can play fast and also technical (0:56-1:00). They also have a solo (2:32-2:53) that reminds me of Carnifex. Check out 1:44-1:48. I am really impressed with the piano work by Velozo. Bratcher can get really low (2:09-2:30). The outro also has another solo that is worth listening to.

Thrown to the Void starts with some sick instrumentals accompanied by orchestral instruments. The drumming is my favorite aspect of this song because of the speed and complexity. It’s nice to see Bratcher experimenting with different types of vocals. 2:57-3:06 has a sweet piano piece and a killer guitar solo that follows.

I found the intro of Beyond the Sanctum very enjoyable to listen to. It sounds different than the majority of the EP. The transition into the metal aspect is done well also. 2:35-2:44 contains some nice piano work and drumming. The band does a good job on the transitions in this song.

Until the Night Ends has a sick lead guitar part in the intro. I’m very impressed by how fast the band can play. This is another solid song by The Devils of Loudon. Be sure to check out the guitar solo that occurs in the latter half of the song.

The last song, Outcast of Existence, begins with some eerie music. I really like the orchestral music. The transition to the lead guitar is also great (0:54). 2:15-2:35 has a sweet guitar piece that accompanies the vocals well. This is a nice track and a good way to end the EP.

Overall I think that this EP is pretty good. There’s good guitar solos in it, a variety of vocal techniques, piano and orchestral music, and sick drumming. I would give this EP a 7.8 out of 10. Check out the band on Facebook and on their Bandcamp page.

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