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Review: Tanned Christ – Antipomodean Sickness

Tanned Christ is here with a new little release called Antipomodean Sickness, from Australia. Antipomodean Sickness is only 16 minutes long with 10 tracks so that means the songs are very brief and to the point. Don’t lose interest yet, they swing hard then run. Pick up Antipomodean Sickness on Bandcamp and check their Facebook!

Every song on Antipomodean Sickness is between 1 and 2 minutes long, except for 2 songs that are 3 minutes long. With that said, this will be very brief and you’ll get the gist of things quick. Every song has high energy and a lot going on at once so when it first hits, you’re kind of confused, but hey that’s cool. There is a lot of dissonance and sporadic riffing accompanying really harsh vocals. Pay attention close because before you know it, 4 songs will have passed you by.

The 2 things that are consistent and can be relied on to not change up on you are the drums and vocals. They both guarantee a steady flow of brash sounds during whatever the guitars and bass are playing. The drums switch up between blast beats and a hardcore type of groove often, giving a more intense feeling. What 8 of the 10 songs do is play the assorted riffs and grooves really quick then end then start the next song before anything can be said or done. The 2 songs that don’t do that are the 3 minute songs.

“No Love Ever” and “Prowler 2” both start out a bit slower and much less hectic than the other songs and remain that way. A dominant bassline pushes both songs to a doom metal sound rather than grind/hardcore madness. Both songs play some moderate noise towards their conclusions as well. Other than that, not much sticks out of the longer songs.

There isn’t much more to say about Antipomodean Sickness. If you like fast-paced, high voltage metal then check this out. I found it interesting enough, so should you.

Rate: 6.8/10

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