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Review: Subterror – Antropomortum

Incoming is Brazilian 3-piece death metal band Subterror with their latest effort Antropomortum, released in July of 2015. Antropomortum has 9 tracks that last for about 22 minutes, so the songs aren’t very long. Subterror is signed to Black Hole Productions so you can purchase Antropomortum on Bandcamp.

Subterror do a nice job of not overstaying their welcome and I’m not just saying that because the songs are brief. I also say that because I mean that they come in then go out. You can expect to hear growls, rapid drumming, and bass. Yep, you can hear the bass in a death metal album that isn’t polished.The introductory track, “O Vazio de Maquina”, has some short spoken word before the band plays. Just like some of the other songs, the riffs aren’t constantly tremolo-picked nor are the drums playing 16th and 32nd notes with every limb, but the heaviness those traits carry remain on Antropomortum. On “O Vazio de Maquina” there are tasty uses of cymbal switching and snare hits. Just when you get used to the song, it ends. I’m not complaining though, I prefer short songs.

“Estetica do Fim” is pretty catchy for the type of song it is. Most of the song has a nice head-bobber type of tune with synchronized guitar and drumming before it completely changes about 2/3 of the way in. It sounds like the song has sped up and almost like a different song is playing: different riff, different bass, and blastbeats. “Estetica do Fim” ends to clear the path for “Pathos,” which starts like a continuation of “Estetica do Fim.” I like when an album flows really well because by the end of the album, I have a sense of true closure rather than wondering if that’s the final track. Anyway, “Pathos” is song that sounds like a combination of crust punk and death metal because of the fast riffing and exclusion of blastbeat drumming. The song is fairly simple, sticks to a solid formula, and ends before it gets repetitive.

“Iconoclasta” sounds a lot like “Pathos” for a bit until it gets to a bridge, then back to the “Pathos” bit. By the time of the bridge, a much different and more death metal sounding riff is played. It’s the most enjoyable part of “Iconoclasta,” but by the end there are more accents added to the main riff to make sound more interesting. It’s only 3 minutes long, but it goes along very quick like the rest of Antropomortum, so the repetition doesn’t hit you at first.

We get a taste of something much different from the last 2 tracks with “Caminhando de um Infero para Outro.” From the intro, to the main riff, to the bridge, to the ending it is a fresh taste of what Subterror can play. I make it sound like it’s a revolutionary song that is totally unlike the rest on Antropomortum, but it isn’t. “Caminhando de um Infero para Outro” still sounds like a song that is meant to be on Antropomortum, but it just offers more than some of the others. The bassist sounds like he’s plucking his soul away and the drumming sounds angrier for some reason. I think it’s the infrequent high notes that strike a heavy tone throughout the song. The ending sets up “Fanatismo do Pior” so well that it actually sounds like 1 continuous song with a 1 measure break between riffs. With that said, I won’t have to go into much detail about “Fanatismo do Pior.” The most I can say is that there are noticeable changes leading to the chorus. It grows progressively more intense as the chorus gets nearer, but the chorus is short lived like the song itself. Like I said, it sounds like it’s a part of “Caminhando de um Infero para Outro” and I can’t really complain about that because both songs put together make a moderately long song.

The longest (3:59) and most unique song here is “Apatia e Privilegio.” A bassline is heard independently in the beginning right before the song actually starts. I say this is the most unique song because the bassline sounds more like an individual melody instead of a rhythm, there are crust punky parts and death metal parts, and because the riffs just sound more interesting in general (apart from the crust punk sections). The ending varies greatly from the other songs, as a totally different part is played. “Distopia” plays in the same vein as “Apatia e Privilegio” by how they contrast to the others, but “Distopia” is a little more predictive than “Apatia e Privilegio” because of how much more it compares to the other songs. The same chords are played in “Distopia” as they are in other songs except they are surrounded by different notes, drum fills and basslines.

“Escrevo para Apagar Meu Nome” is the most death metal sounding song on here because of the main riff and song structure. It has the tremolo-picking, the angry growls, and the speed. The first 40 seconds or so lead you to think it’s the ballad of the album, but it isn’t; I promise. There isn’t much more to say than that.

Antropomortum was a short-lived album with good things and not great things about it. I liked the bass and the growls because they both sounded legitimate. However, if you aren’t really paying too much attention then most of the songs will blend together. Then again, I listen to albums multiple times looking for good and bad things about them, so an average listener may not agree with that. While Antropomortum wasn’t extremely unique, it wasn’t generic either. I’m somewhat indifferent about Antropomortum for those reasons, but it doesn’t deserve a bad rating. I still suggest you to check it out for yourself because, chances are, you will like it a bit more.

Rate: 6.5/10

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