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Review: Sleepsculptor – Untimening EP

Sleepsculptor is my latest find and boy, have I been enjoying it. Hitting hard in every aspect, you can expect to enjoy their latest EP Untimening. Sleepsculptor has released the EP on all platforms and on Beheading the Traitor, so you can’t miss them.

Untimening does not waste any time at all; the first track is as heavy as the rest and there are no filler tracks to distract you. I have to say before anything else that the vocals on this EP are insane. The vocalist projects such intense highs and even tampers with mid-range vocals on “Torn by the Roots.” The highest highs you will hear are bone chilling and eerie. On “Failsafe” he dances between the murderous highs to a mid-range bellow that paint this haphazard abstract painting of psychosis and mental torture. The vocals are just the cherry on top of an already tasty cake: the riffs use dissonant chords and other loud, screechy chords scattered among chugging riffs.


The breakdowns on Untimening utilize the same elements I had just described with “Failsafe.” With the pause in between cymbal hits and even low-end notes on the guitars, it amplifies the effect of the vocals. Just the madness from the vocals and a crash cymbal ringing out is enough to send goosebumps along your neck and arms. It’s a nice experience and there is no way for me to describe the experience enough without giving the EP the full credit it’s worth. Every track is a banger, honestly. I could not find any lyrics, so I don’t know what each track is about, but it really just sounds like madness and mental strain manifested in structured music.


Rate: 9.2/10

Links: FacebookBeheading the Traitor, Bandcamp

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