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Review: Sin of God – Aenigmata

Hungary has given us yet another angry metal band only this time flavored with death metal under the name Sin of God. Aenigmata is Sin of God’s latest release and it is about alchemy and dissection of faith. Check out their Facebook and Bandcamp!

Alright this album is amazing. It’s really heavy and has a lot of talent on it. The opening track hooks you right in with its evil, heavy sound. Everything moves at a steady pace almost at all times, making it very easy to headbang to if that’s your kinda deal. Sin of God doesn’t play too fast, but they don’t play slow either. There are few moments where things aren’t moving fast, like on “Aenigmata.” Other than a riff or two, the songs move consistently and stick to a nice speed.

There aren’t solos on every single song, but there are quite a few and they are all very tasteful in their style; they aren’t too flashy and the tone is controlled so the notes don’t pierce your eardrums. That could also be partially due to good mastering for not stacking the guitars on top of everything (thankfully). The basslines are technical and present, so I definitely can’t complain there.

From the verses even down to bridges, Aenigmata drips with alchemical schemes and lust for blood. Even if I had not known before listening to Aenigmata, you can feel that there is something relevant to dark magic going on. The songs that really cast the darkest spells include “The Emerald Tablet,” “Aenigmata,” and “The Human Worm.” The first and last song of those three are the first and last songs of the album respectively. Maybe this was done on purpose, maybe not. Either way, “The Emerald Tablet” sounds like the set up: getting the ingredients together (which may include sacrificial animals!), dressing in the appropriate garb, other pre-alchemy processes. As the conclusion, “The Human Worm” sounds like the product of the magic performed on that day. There is a sense of beholding from the alchemist(s) played out through the song. The palm-muted riffs halfway through the song build up the tension as we reflect on this unwieldy creation. There is surely a sense of finality and of undoing in “The Human Worm,” as if the alchemy was taken too far, but it’s too late to stop.

There is plenty of death metal that screams blood lust, torture, and other violent acts, but you don’t always come across an album that not only is meant to be about alchemy, but actually plays the part. I can’t help but think back to Arkanum by Cult of Lilith. I was not given context about Arkanum, but that also had mystical undertones in the music by the atmospheres and what not. The point is: I haven’t come across much music that sounds magical. I don’t mean like “wow this is so good it’s magic” kind of deal, but like you can visualize cauldrons and dark spells and all that fun stuff while listening to this music. Maybe I’m being too imaginative, but I’m sticking with the opinion that Aenigmata sounds like serious alchemy.

The way some of the riffs move remind me of Fleshgod Apocalypse’s older work. The fast double-bass over an alternation between chords ringing out and tremolo-picked scales next to growled and sometimes distinguishable lyrics do the trick. There are no symphonic elements at all so don’t look for them. If you like fast death metal that sounds like the concept(s) the lyrics are about, this is for you. There is nothing more entertaining in music than being able to place yourself in the context of the music, and Aenigmata does exactly that. Well produced, in my opinion, with a lot to offer between the instrumentals and the overall atmosphere. Sin of God deserve more attention.

Rate: 8.4/10

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