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Review: Shokran – Supreme Truth

Technicality and brutality often go hand in hand. With big name bands like Born of Osiris, The Holy Guile and Veil of Maya taking technicality in mainstream metal to a new level, a standard has been set. There are many good things to be said about Shokran’s technical and heavy work of art, Supreme Truth. 

The album starts out with a Mediterranean sounding riff. It’s very cool, and gives a solid glimpse into what most of the album is going to sound like- fast, sweeping guitars, well-placed chugging underneath, impressively agile bass and upbeat, cymbal-centric drumming. The second track “Pray The Martyr”, is Shokran’s first full track on Supreme Truth. You can expect the musical accompaniment to be similar to the first track, if not heavier. The vocals are probably the least extreme thing about Supreme Truth. They consist of lows, yells, and cleans. When compared to bands such as The Holy Guile or Born or Osiris, and Veil of Maya, the lows sound less polished while the yells sound much more emotional and blasting.

Supreme Truth has an astounding 15 tracks. It’s all preference on whether or not this is too may tracks, though I think it is. Shokran has an EP (titled Sixth Sense), so as their debut album, 15 tracks is a bit overwhelming. When browsing through the songs, if someone skipped to a random point in a random song, it’s likely to sound very similar to another song. While the songs can be very technical they sound, more often than not, like just lots of scales instead of intentionally written out guitar parts.

Overall Supreme Truth, is definitely worth a listen. It’s only $4.99 on Bandcamp, its unique, and different. I’d rate it above average, as its exciting and there are plenty of “oh shit” moments. There’s also an instrumental version of the album out on their bandcamp if that’s the kind of thing you fancy. If you can only get a handful of songs off the album, I’d recommend “Sands of Time”, “Supreme Truth” and “Charon”.


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