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Review: SHIT – Scavengers Of A Dying Sun

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Simplicity in presentation, composition, and influence is often the best way to brutality. SHIT’s got it down, in that regard. Taking the tremolo picking and dark stylings of black metal, quick & fiery passages of crust guitar & drums, and painting it over some solid death metal makes for a really enjoyable and satisfying album. Track lengths range from three minutes to seven, but SHIT does a good job of keeping everything fresh and stimulating. Blast beat sections followed by some classic death metal riffs seems out of place on paper, but it makes for an excellent set of songs.

But it’s not all just the standard metal. The longest track, “Sulphur the Right,” begins with dark strings. “Revenant Worship” opens up with a classic crust picking pattern, drawing in lots of droney guitar work, before hopping into the most intense blast beat section on the album. All in all, SHIT shows a clever ear for crafting engaging material out of existing tropes. Vocals are properly intense, the guitars appropriately blackened, and the drumming tightly performed. A solid exercise in death, not the most original, but well worth the money.


Favorite track: Bearer of the Stigma

Please consider picking it up here, on bandcamp.

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