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Review: Shadow of Intent – Primordial

Shadow of Intent is a symphonic deathcore band from Connecticut. Primordial is the latest album released and insane. Primordial is on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Big Cartel. Check these dudes on Facebook too!

A genre like symphonic deathcore really isn’t something you come across everyday. In fact, I never heard of it and when I first heard of the combination I was cynical and doubted it would sound good. I am very glad to say I could not have been more wrong. Primordial is more than symphonic deathcore with all of the technical riffs, licks, and solos, but I rest my case. Tasteful speed plays a role in how effective the symphonic bits can be because they don’t hinder song progression or distract you from the song.

The leads on Primordial are really intense. They aren’t always playing something different, but when they are they are really something. The solos are fast and technical, but they aren’t the dominant force during a solo, which I like. A synth/keyboard usually kicks in to support the rhythm during a solo and during bridges. Different tones are used on the synth/keyboard for different vibes so you don’t hear the same noise every time it gets a little symphonic. It either plays something to ring out like on “The Didact’s Will” or joins the chaos by playing its own little ditty like on “The Invoking of the Execution of Worlds.” Things get really spacey and advanced sometimes with everything going on. If Shadow of Intent played around with pitch shifters, they would probably be called aliencore (ha).

One of the reasons why I love Primordial is because you can not only hear the bass the whole time, but there are individual basslines! That never happens in genres under this spectrum. I also love how evil the music can sound. The sickly deep lows from the vocalist mixed with the peeping symphonic background gives the idea that there is something greater behind this album, some kind of conspiracy. “The Didact’s Will” has some sort of secrecy to it; it wants to reveal more to us, but can only tell that there is more to tell than what we are hearing. I like how involved the music is and how involved it makes me feel. It isn’t often I can put a story to the music based purely off of the sound and not lyrics.

Breakdowns are definitely not the focus on Primordial, but the breakdowns keep things moving in a way. The breakdowns aren’t unique or boring, but they are the chugs to back key points during a technical break. Some songs, one could argue all songs, are constant aural assaults that are relentless on every front like “The Battle of the Maginot Sphere.” Everything from spitting lyrics, to flying bass, to fast drums, to technicality is on that track.

It’s difficult to talk more on this album because it really blew me away and I can’t say much about it. You just have to experience it yourself because Primordial is one of those albums that can only be relayed by listening and enjoying in your own time.

Rate: 9.4/10

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