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Review: Septa – Ropes

Ukrainian band Septa has returned with another brief release for us to chew on for the time being. Ropes, as it is called, has 4 tracks with track 4 being another version of track 1. Ropes has really tight production and a different feel and different consistency than Destroyer did, which I’ll explain. Ropes is on Bandcamp and Septa is on Facebook so check ’em out!

Ropes opens up with the title track and right away you can hear a different sound: it’s a bit calmer, but it still carries the lingering emotion from Destroyer. Every instrument comes in really clear and there’s a nice balance with the layering, so nothing sounds like it’s stacked. The bridge’s build up effect has a stronger impact because of solid production because you can hear the bass with it’s slightly distorted tone rumbling when necessary and every tom hit the drummer plays.

“Botchla” is similar in the calmer sense, but “Botchla” goes about things differently. The beginning resembles the intensity from “Threat Level Midnight,” but alleviates a bit before swinging back. “Botchla” is kind of like a boomerang: heavy, short break, heavier. “Threat Level Midnight” and “Botchla” both still have an old 36 Crazyfists (yes I’m sticking with them as a reference) style going. They both have a frantic feeling to them, yet remaining solid throughout. “Threat Level Midnight” sounds more like a The Nietzsche song (check them out too!), which is more on the hardcore border.

“Threat Level Midnight” and “Botchla” are my favorite songs from Ropes; they are just really fun to listen to and have a ton of energy in them the whole time. Those are the kind of songs I want to hear played live and what I would show other people. So if you’re only going to check out one song from Ropes, despite it being super short, it must be “Botchla” or “Threat Level Midnight.” I wish Ropes was longer or that future releases will sound like this.

Rate: 7.9/10

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