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Review: SCUT – Doom Over Salvation

Review by Andriana.

SCUT presents to us a very short collection of songs they have been working on, perhaps to tease us for a full­ length. Doom Over Salvation is just over 10 minutes long with 3 songs. It was self­ released and is labeled as a demo, so production won’t be looked into much. The entire demo can be heard on Bandcamp and “Doom Over Salvation” can be checked out on PSAB’s YouTube.

The first song is “Doom Over Salvation” and kicks off the demo with a bang. The song is played fast and has most elements one would expect to hear in a death metal song, but don’t let my statement make it sound flat. “Doom Over Salvation” is loaded with tremolo picked riffs, fun drumming, full bass, and sick vocals. The vocals are excellent; they range from visceral low growls to really high pig squeals. The vocals in general are spot on and really suit the song. The next song in line is “In/sanity.” The main riff reminded me of a Lamb of God riff plus the more extreme vocals. “In/sanity” seems to offer more from the band in the way of how SCUT wants to make their mark on death metal. This song has groove and death metal type of riffs, a more frantic bass line, masterful drumming, the varied vocals (as mentioned in the first song), and complete band syncopation on some parts. To pick this apart: bass can be heard playing individually, rather than following the guitars. The drums accent the vocals and guitars at different times (when appropriate) and play matching double­ bass kicks. As for the vocals, the switch between the low to pig squealed vocals appears much more on this song.

The last, but not least song off of this demo is called “Upheaval.” This song is a take on modern death metal with a more interesting bass line, same great vocals as before and chords that ring out then lead into madness. The drums sound more simple, and I use the term simple lightly. I say simple because it sticks to a few main grooves to keep the song going and because it is simpler compared to the previous 2 songs on Doom Over Salvation. I enjoyed Doom Over Salvation a lot and it makes me impatient to hear more from SCUT. Everything about this demo was great; I did not find myself bored or in any way disappointed by any of the songs. For being self­ released demos the quality wasn’t bad at all.

Everything may not have been as clear as it may be on a future release, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I recommend this demo to be checked out if you like death metal or just have 10 minutes. It won’t take long and you’ll likely want to listen to it several times.


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