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Review: Scarecell – Horizons

Finnish 5-piece melodic metalcore band Scarecell has released a new EP for us to feast our ears on. There are 4 tracks on New Horizons and they are all solid. They make good use of the rhythm guitar and vocals. Check it all out on their Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube!

One thing that stands out about each song is the constant movement behind the lead guitar from the bass and rhythm players. Of course the drums keep things going, but drums always keep things moving. The songs aren’t crazy energetic, but there’s something about them that makes you want to move. I don’t know, it’s fun stuff, but not fun as in overly simple. Just actually fun sounding. “Buried Alive” and “The Fire (We Start)” are the first two tracks and they do a damn good job of getting things going. No preludes or intros get in the way here. There is a really nicely done chorus in “Buried Alive.” It has a chugged riff in front and some higher notes played in the back with smooth ride and snare hits from the drummer. “The Fire (We Start)” has a similar riff in nature, but it sounds different. When you hear them you will get what I mean.”The Fire (We Start)” has more moments where each instrument rings out for a bit and in those moments are when clean vocals are appreciated. There is a Nothing More sound, but not quite as simple as them.

“Lay Down Forever” is a love-hate kind of song for me. It has some electronic elements brought in for the chorus, which I don’t like, but that isn’t really a dealbreaker either. There is a lot less going here than in the other songs, but it makes good use of the bass (yes more audible bass ahhh!). There is some sort of distortion on the bass that gives it enough of a dirty tone to grit up the overarching soft sound that “Lay Down Forever” gives off. If you like bass, this is the song for you. There is a really nice bass slide that leads to a really fattened ending.

“Reach” seems to be a combination of “Lay Down Forever” and “Buried Alive” by the energy and use of electronic influence. “Reach” is quite an interesting song because of the times clean vocals come in and how they play over the heavier sections of the song. The accessibility from “Lay Down Forever” and the melodic metalcore drive behind ‘Buried Alive” are what make “Reach.”

Well that’s it, wasn’t that nice? Really not a bad listen at all and the production was done well. Things didn’t sound stacked on top of each other and I liked the tones of everything, even the snare. The first two songs went together just as the last two did. If you’re only going to check out one song make it “Buried Alive.”

Rate: 7.5/10

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