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Review: Sacrilegium – Anima Lucifera

Anima Lucifera begins with some cool nature sounds followed by a nice lead in to the guitar in Preludium/ Heavenwings Shrugged. The drumming is really good. There’s some sick fills. The feel of the song changes around 2:35. The vocals are pretty cool. I like the instrumentals at 3:11-3:30. I’m looking forward to hearing more sweet drumming.

Angelus begins with some nice orchestral instruments. The intro guitar riff that follows is pretty interesting. I like the lead guitar that is present at 1:30. It’s a nice change. I was surprised to hear a guitar solo that followed. It fits the song very well. The drumming in the outro is great.

Mare Tenebrarum begins with some more sound recordings. The lead-in to the normal sound is great. I like the shredding guitars in the intro. 3:02-3:23 has a killer beat.

The Serpent Throne has a great guitar riff in the beginning followed by a sweet solo. I’m impressed by the lead guitar work. Be sure to check out the drumming towards the middle of the song.

The piano in the beginning of …And Soul is a refreshing addition. I like the guitar riff that follows. The drumming is also done very well. The speed that the band can play at is incredible. Check out the lead guitar at 3:37.

Venemous Spell of Fate has a killer intro. There continues to be more drumming at an insane speed. This is a decent song. I like the guitars around the three minute mark.

The intro guitar riff to Desidirium Immortalis is sweet. The band does a good job sticking to the normal sound. I like the melody at 3:10.

The last song, Anima Lucifera, has a sweet melody in the intro. I’m surprised by the length of this song (8:18). The drummer does a great job in this long song. Check out the guitar solo at 2:18. I like the guitar riff around the halfway point. It’s short but sweet. I was surprised by the abrupt ending of the instruments at 5:22.

This is a decent album. The instruments are pretty sick and the vocals are decent. I’d give this album a 7.3 out of 10.


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