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Review: Remains of the Tyrant – “Bathing In Pestilence” & “Broken Bonds, Broken Bones”

Remains of the Tyrant is a death metal band from Modesto, California. The current line-up of the band is Jonathan Morris (guitar), Trevor Smallwood (drums), Derek Johns (bass) and Colton Perez (guitar). They are currently looking for a vocalist. I will be reviewing their two singles, Bathing in Pestilence and Broken Bonds, Broken Bones.

Bathing in Pestilence

The song starts out with the sound of rainfall and a weird voice recording. After the intro, it kicks into a fast-paced song, featuring fast drumming, interesting riffs, and high-quality vocals.

The vocalist uses a variety of different screams in this song. I am a fan of all of the different types of screams he does. I like how they blended different types of screams together. The lyrics to this song can be found on their Bandcamp page. The lyrics in this song make me think about zombies. He paints a gruesome picture with his lyrics.

Next, I would like to discuss the drumming aspect of this song. I really like the drums in this song. Their drummer can play very fast. I am a big fan of the beats and the fills he uses. I am looking forward hearing more from this drummer.

I like the harmony the guitar players use in this song. After the introduction, the guitarists shred and play a great harmony. It then goes into a cool riff leading into another fast-paced riff that has a very heavy feel to it. Then, a buildup comes that leads into a breakdown. It’s a pretty simple breakdown, but a good one. After the breakdown, they return to shredding which goes on until the outro of the song which has the sound of rainfall in it.

I would give this song a 9/10.

Broken Bonds, Broken Bones

The song consists of intense vocals, cool riffs, a solo, and sick drumming.

I was surprised that the song started off as heavy as it did. The guitars did a good job adding to the heaviness. After about 30 seconds, the song starts getting faster, with the guitarists playing some pretty cool riffs. The solo comes in at about 2 minutes and consists of some nice bends and fast playing. It’s a pretty short solo but an enjoyable one. The song comes to a close with the guitarists playing a similar riff to the introduction.

As with their song Bathing in Pestilence, the drummer does a wonderful job in this song. He plays along with the pace of the song well, changing the speed to go along with the other members. I am a fan of his fast playing.

The vocalist did a good job on this song. Like Bathing in Pestilence, he switches up the type of vocals he does. He incorporates some highs and lows into this song, but he mainly uses mids. The lyrics to this song can also be found on their Bandcamp. Three words that describe this song are: revenge, pride, and betrayal.

I would give this song a 9.3/10.

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