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Review: Redound – Obsessed

Redound have been active since 2003 and their latest album “Obsessed” is their best work so far. The band combines old-school metal & -core with the heavier aspects of contemporary beatdown/hardcore and it has worked flawlessly so far. The mates have very good energy on stage, know their instruments (and, respectively, their vocal styles and skills) and are working 24/7 to bring the mosh to its perfect form.

Respect – it’s very had keeping a band active and touring, especially in the harsh conditions of the Bulgarian economy. One must be extremely dedicated and disciplined ,in order to achieve success with an extreme act. Shout outs to Alex(Sasho), who’s doing vocal duties (alongside Ivan) – best dudes. Shout outs to Angel(guitar), Vanyo(bass) and Alex(drums) – keep doing what you do brothers!

As for the LP itself, it’s rather nice, on point and very well produced. I’ve always loved the production of Redound’s releases – it sounds old-school, yet crisp, but not too polished. The “Intro” has a very nice sample (pretty sure it’s from a Resident Evil game; if anyone knows, please leave a comment), followed by groovy riffs (apparent throught the LP’s entirety). Obsessed is chock full of grooves, breaks, breakdowns, even some rap parts for good measure – I love it! There are also guests – Bear (Death Squad), Joro (Expectations) and Romper (Strength Through Suffering); awesome vocalists from equally awesome bands-check them!


I’ll wrap this up with a translation of most the songtitles 🙂 (’cause I love you guys ^^):

3.Обсебен – Obsessed
4.Пирани (feat. Bear – Death Squad) – Piranhas
5.Окото на бога – Deity’s Eye
7.В ляво от трона (feat. Joro – Expectations) – The throne’s left side (it may also mean “The King’s left hand”, but I’m not sure)
9.На кръста – Crucified

For fans of: Bulgarian hardcore(Last Hope, Vendetta, Melekh), beatdown, Nasty, The Last Charge, mosh;


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  • nsrndr on

    ‘ve you ever seen a movie called ‘the purge’? that’s where the intro sample comes from…

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