Review: Putrevore – Tentacles of Horror

Death metal project Putrevore has released something for us to gnaw on. Dave Rotten from Avulsed is on vocals so you know the growls will be sick. Rogga from Paganizer is on bass and guitar so they will be solid too. Check out Tentacles of Horror on Bandcamp!

Tentacles of Horror sounds like a combination of Avulsed and Paganizer (for obvious reasons) and that is not a bad thing. You have Dave’s stomach churning growls and Rogga’s twisting guitar work to make up all that is Tentacles of Horror. Most songs follow a simple pattern that makes it easy to listen to, especially if death metal isn’t something you listen to often. There will usually be a main riff that plays in the verses and another riff or two during the chorus, so you can’t tell me there’s too much going on here. Of course things go off course and go in another direction sometimes, like early in “These Caverns Breed Filth”, “The Rotten Crawls on”, and “Gable Window Portal Pt. I.” During that specific time on “These Caverns Breed Filth” things get a little suspicious, but it goes back to the original formula soon enough. The growls will guide you home.

“Unspeakable Madness Beckons” has more of an Avulsed sound with by how the riffs are played and it sticks to that writing formula I just mentioned. There is more play on the rhythm here that really gives a sense of something dangerous incoming. This applies to sections of a few other songs as well, most specifically “A Maw Surrounded by Tentacles.”

“The Rotten Crawls On” is a bit more consumable than the rest by how it eases into a heavy groove, kind of like “Gable Window Portal Pt. I” but slower. “The Rotten Crawls On” has an easy riding flow until pinch harmonics twang against your ears while the drums beat away at the remains. It’s strange how screeches can sound decent in music, isn’t it? Anyway this song is easier on the listener because it tenses up then releases. Think of the heaviness as the shape of a hill. “Gable Pt. I” builds and releases more often than “The Rotten Crawls On” and has a more sporadic sounding lead than it too. The main riff in “Gable Pt. I” sounds like an inversion to the two different riffs in “Through the Vortex of Aeons Past.” I can’t really explain it, but you will hear it if you listen to them. What makes this tolerable is the fact that both songs are structured different and progress differently, so you may not even notice the similarities between the riffs.

“Gable Pt. II” has a very low end sound to it in general. The riffs are low, the drums constantly have double bass going, the growls are low, then bass is a low end instrument. There’s only really a break when some pinch harmonics come in and when a similar riff from “Gable Pt. I” is played. This is the second part to a song, so it is expected to have something similar or even the same from it’s forefather. “Gable Pt. II” ends on a calm and long note. It drags on a bit, but that’s just me being impatient.

“Hyperborean Dreams” is an exciting song. It’s heavy from start to end and has a shredding solo. The riffs are a bit easier to jam to and the transitions between sections are more appropriate. During the moments of transition is when the song sounds more like a gore filled movie soundtrack. I just like how things keep up with each other here, so listen to this.

The final track is “A Maw Surrounded by Tentacles.” This definitely sounds like a gore filled movie soundtrack; it just has that serial killer vibe to it. The growls seem to have more power too for some reason, unless that’s me really trying to get into that soundtrack idea. The whole song is like that.

Tentacles of Horror isn’t a bad album, but I do prefer Avulsed’s music more. I just prefer their guitar work and song writing more. There is plenty to enjoy on Tentacles of Horror though, so I still think you should check it out if you’re into Avulsed or Paganizer.

Rate: 6.45/10

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