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Review: Profanity – Hatred Hell Within EP

German death metal legends Profanity have been going at it since 1993, but they haven’t lost their touch, as displayed on their Hatred Hell Within EP. Released in December of 2014, this EP is a short ditty with only 3 tracks running at about 20 minutes. Purchase Hatred Hell Within from Amazon, Rising Nemesis’ Bandcamp, or listen on Spotify!

This review will not be very long beings that there are only 3 tracks, but that doesn’t mean anything. Hatred Hell Within is a pretty heavy EP that blends recognizable sounds together for your listening pleasure. What I mean is: if you like old Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, or Suffocation then you will most likely thoroughly enjoy Hatred Hell Within.

“Melting” is the first track and it doesn’t bother introducing itself to the world; it just kinda blasts through the wall with a force strong enough to send even the tiniest debris through your skin. Yep, no joke. Everything from the drumming, to the technical riffs and solos, basslines, growling vocals, and general riffage is heavy and aggressive. The audible bass was a good enough sign, but I soon realized there was an individual bassline instead of just following the lead guitar the whole time. There are faster, slam-like parts where they all synchronize, but don’t get too comfortable because there are twists and turns from extreme soloing to just tremolo-picked madness before the song is over. Quite a lovely arrangement.

“I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh)” is the next song running 8:26 long. That’s a bit lengthy for a death metal song and I usually dislike longer songs, but this song and the next song are excused. They both may be longer than 7 minutes, but they keep you engaged well enough. The way “I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh)” progresses makes it sound like a few different songs put into one. There isn’t a constant riff or groove, except the unstoppable force that is Profanity. It sounds like the band paid me to praise them, but what else would you say about an EP you really like? This song alone has all different types of riffs (for guitars and bass) from low down chug-based riffs to technically-based riffs, to chords that ring out over drums getting beat up. All that happens for 8:26.

A lot of the same can be said about “Hatred Hell Within” with some notable differences. The grooves and riffs on “Hatred Hell Within” go on longer than the ones in “I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh).” “Hatred Hell Within” will have a song within the song for a period of time, then another for a similar amount of time, and so on. There is a sweet tapped riff at one point with the rhythm guitarist playing one thing and the bassist another. It sounds like nonsense, but it’s genius actually. As it goes on, the intensity increases leading to a daunting riff with bells ringing. This is my favorite part of the entire EP: this ominous riff with the doomy bells plays then it switches to fast soloing and sweeping, then the ominous riff, then speed metal, then it ends with that killer ominous riff again. I don’t know how to make that song end better.

It goes without saying that I liked Hatred Hell Within a bit. It’s fast, heavy, technical, and stylistic. It felt like a lot of time was put into the creation of Hatred Hell Within. While it is only 3 tracks, the journey you go on feels longer. A recommended listen for fans of death metal with some flare.

Rate: 8.8/10

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