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Review: Pridemeat – Wet Hot American Slaughter

Pridemeat, the melodic death metal band hailing from Savannah, Georgia, released their first full-length album, Wet Hot American Slaughter, back on June 27th, and it is an absolute masterpiece. The band currently consists of; Hector (Vocals), Nick (Guitar), Alec (Guitar), James (Bass), and Josh (Drums). What is so special about Pridemeat is that they combine elements of brutal death metal, black metal, hardcore, deathcore, thrash metal and they blend it perfectly.

The opening track, An Abnormality Grotesque, is a perfect example as to why you should love this band. Between lyrics that seem to be straight out of a horror movie, to the crushing guitar solo towards the end, any death metal fan can headbang to this.

Thy Lilith Be Woe is the second song off of the album. Between the insane guitar riffs and the drums, what’s not to love about this track? While listening to this specific track, you can hear some aspects from other bands that Pridemeat clearly admires, such as The Black Dahlia Murder and All Shall Perish.

Wall of Souls, another spine-chilling track off the album, makes you want to get up and join the mosh pit. Between the guitar riffs and the palm-muted guitars, if you’re a fan of deathcore or death metal, this song is definitely for you.

Every Child Hung is up next, and boy, does this make you want to move. Everytime I listen to this specific track, which happens to be my personal favorite from the album, it makes me fall-in love with death metal all over again. It reminds me of the first time I listened to “Tomb of the Mutilated,” and it brings back great memories. The lyrical content and vocals really do make this song come together.

The Suffering happens to be my second favorite song off of Wet Hot American Slaughter. The guitar riffs in this song specifically are absolutely breathtaking, which is shortly followed with a breakdown that will make you flail your arms around and around and crowdkill anyone in your sight. It is truly magnificent.

The Greatest Empire is the perfect combination of djent, insane high vocals, and impressive drum beats. I really have no complaints with this song, other than the lyrics being extremely brutal.

The Ancient Ones, a song that I have listened to more than any other track on this album, is absolutely crazy. Josh’s drumming ability really ties this song together, and really pushes this song to be more unique than any other song off of this album. In addition to this, the guitarist really just lets go and shreds, which is another reason why I have listened to this track so religiously.

By the Hand of the Dark Hand opens up with another demonstration of the guitarist absolutely shredding his guitar. Every riff that is included within this song is nothing more than pure talent. The first minute of this song is incredibly atmospheric, and reminds me a lot of early Norwegian black metal bands, and then quickly changes to straight, violent death metal. Additionally, Hector uses his extremely deep lows perfectly lead us into the end of the song.

The second to last song, End of Reign, which lyrically focuses on genocide, is most likely the most intense song off of the record. There isn’t much that can be said about this song, it is approximately four minutes of horror and fear that will send goosebumps down your arms.

The closing track, We Shall Burn, is extremely fast. The vocals, drums, the breakdown, and the guitar solo towards the middle of the song really makes you appreciate this band for what they are, a band that can’t be put into any specific subgenre of metal.

Wet Hot American Slaughter is one of my personal favorite albums. In my opinion, it is near perfection. Seeing this band live a few months back was also a great experience, as they put on an amazing show. If you like brutal metal, then Pridemeat is the band that you have been looking for. I give this album a solid 9/10.



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