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Review: Perihelion – Infinite Decay

There’s a unique surrealness that comes with listening to an up and coming band for the first time. You’re overcome with the excitement of potentially uncovering music’s next hidden gem, but simultaneously worried about stumbling across a dud. Ironically enough, It’s this very same trait that makes listening to music such a rewarding experience; it’s also the reason that I’m reviewing the band I am today.

 Perihelion is a band from Baltimore that works under a simple mantra: hit fast, hit hard, stay creative. And it’s one that’s served them well, allowing them to garner attention from the likes of Tech Death Time and Heavy Blog Is Heavy while still appealing to the average fan in the scene. With the release of their debut, Infinite Decay, it’s time to see if the quartet has lived up to the hype that they’ve so quickly gathered.
For an introductory effort, Infinite Decay shows a great amount of complexity and maturity. Besides your traditional technical death metal riffs, the band also manages to intricately weave in elements of groove metal, deathcore, djent, and the occasional prog metal riff that would even make Between The Buried and Me proud. The drums are driving and spot on, the guitars are complex and tasteful, and the bass manages to perfectly fit in the pocket while still maintaining a character of it’s own. What makes this truly intriguing is that Perihelion not only manages to mesh these genres together throughout the album, but the changes are often found in the songs themselves. Tracks like “Devouring Lifeforms” manage to mesh together skull crushing breakdowns, tastefully noodled prog metal riffs, and finger melting technicality together within it’s 4:44 runtime. It’s an excellent break from form and makes allows the band to truly stand out from the crowd.
That being said, there are a couple things that prevent the album from being truly beautiful. The bass heavy production creates moments where the guitar is drowned out by the kick drum and bass in particularly heavy sections. This renders otherwise great moments like the blast-beat section useless, as you can’t hear an integral part of the instrumental. The vocals are also quite monotone and come off as mildly droning by the end of the record. These issues aren’t enough to detract from your enjoyment of the record, but they are noticeable enough to stop the act from maximizing on their potential.
Overall, Perihelion have managed to craft an excellent debut that, while slightly flawed, shows brilliant promise and plenty of room for growth. Keep an eye on this band; they’re sure to go far.
Key Tracks: Predomination, Devouring LifeformsYou can purchase Infinite Decay from the band’s Bandcamp page!
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