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Review: Perdition – Lost Rites EP

At long last we finally have Perdition’s new EP Lost Rites! Perdition is a symphonic death metal band from Pennsylvania. Perdition has two EPs (including Lost Rites) and one self-titled full-length, all of which are on Spotify. You can check out Lost Rites on Bandcamp, Youtube, and Spotify!

Being a fan since Perdition came out, I was really excited to hear the new material, especially since Perdition signed to Imminence Records. During their occasional Facebook updates, the band mentioned the new EP being more symphonic, which made me more excited. They weren’t lying: Lost Rites definitely uses the keyboard more and sheds a brighter light on the music. Other than that, Lost Rites has better production than the previous album. The bass is audible the whole time, so that’s great. Only thing I would tweak (production-wise) is the volume of the snare drum. The snare is a bit too quiet. The drums as a whole aren’t as prominent as drums usually are in this genre, but the snare especially. The vocals are a bit loud, but I don’t care much about that.

Sticking to their older sound, the keyboard makes each song sound more creepy than they actually are. The scratchy guitar riffs and alternating vocals go together very well because they both give the music an edge. Think of the final and title track, “Lost Rites.” The guitarist(s) are picking away with the fast riffs while the vocalist goes from growling to a higher registry. The distorted bass tone aids the keyboard with the atmosphere, I think.

Every song still has the same fast-paced anti-theistic aggression as before. On the previous album the drumming was really interesting and had a lot of flair so I’m glad to see they kept that on this new EP. While the riffs are fresh and the atmosphere game has stepped up, it isn’t an entirely new sound from Perdition, which I am very okay with because I loved their previous music. What I’m basically saying is: if you liked their stuff before you will still like it now. Some people don’t like when a band “sticks” to a sound, but I think Perdition should stick to what they’re doing because it sounds great, unique, and isn’t repetitive or monotonous. Check this EP out, it’s very short.

Rate: 8.8/10

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