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Review: Pentarium – Zwischenwelt

Boy do I have a treat for you this week with the album Zwischenwelt. Zwischenwelt is from German “melodic death metal” band Pentarium. This album is very interesting, read about it below you won’t regret it too much. Or maybe you will, but you will at least get to check out a good band in the process. To give you a sense of what’s to come: it is less like melodic death metal and more like older metalcore.

There is a lot to like on Zwischenwelt, but I will start with the fact that there are plenty of lyrics in German. So many non-American bands write in English, which is boring for me. Hearing violent words shouted in foreign tongues just adds to the dark elements of metal and English just kind of takes some of that away for me. This is obviously me just being interested in other languages, but still. You have to admit that it’s cool to hear. The synth work is done very well as it adds some atmosphere and subtle rhythms. For example, on “Stare into Darkness” the synth does mostly a subtle rhythm throughout the track, but this subtle rhythm is crucial to the affect of the song. Without it, “Stare into Darkness” would sound a lot less…gentle? It is difficult to describe exactly how the synth sounds and how it alters a death metal style riff. The synth has an airy sound that sometimes makes the song sound a bit melancholy. After imagining what the song would sound like without synth do you realize that the guitar and synth work together and compliment each other. Again, it’s difficult to describe.


From what I said about “Stare into Darkness” you may be turned off to Zwischenwelt, but don’t be. There are tracks like “Memoria” that are heavier and utilize the synth for more accentual effects rather than a critical part of the song (like “Stare into Darkness”). “Memoria” reminds of old Bleeding Through with the riffs, vocals, and synth. It definitely sounds like that style of metalcore rather than melo-death. Even the way the riffs evolve and circle back are very much like Bleeding Through on “Memoria.” “Dämon” and “Beyond” are two of the heavier tracks offered on Zwischenwelt. Even with that said, they still sound like relatives to Bleeding Through. Actually this entire album sounds like a Bleeding Through relative down to the guitar tone, riff styles, and vocal tones.

As a Bleeding Through fan, I enjoyed this album a lot! The tracks offer a lot of listenability with the way each track changes and grows. Tracks like “Flames” have varying moments of heaviness, stability, and calmness that transpire in a cohesive and progressive manner. Then there are tracks like “Abschied” that are more “metalcore” sounding and focused on riffage and heaviness than being dynamic like “Flames.” I like that the whole album has different sounds like that and doesn’t just stick to one formula and repeat. So again, if you like Bleeding Through you will like this album. I can almost guarantee it. However, you should not just listen to this because you like Bleeding Through because this is a quality album that deserves recognition of its own.

Rate: 8.1/10

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