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Review: Parius – Saturnine

Philadelphia death metal band Parius has finally graced us with their first full-length! After a long wait and a teasing single from long ago, Saturnine is finally here and it does not disappoint. Check out Parius on Facebook then pick up Saturnine on Bandcamp!

No more time is wasted waiting as “Doctor Device” gets things moving fast. A sweet riff, suiting vocals, and an active rhythm guitarist keep this song and the album, as a whole, moving along well. “Doctor Device” is a really accessible song and I think even people that aren’t much into metal would like this song. It has a solid thing going and isn’t too hard to follow. “Confined” is the same in this sense. Both are totally different sounding, but the same in accessibility and listening pleasure.

“Galactic Termination” does a similar thing, but there is more going on and more to move to. The rhythms and drumming here are really solid, but not over the top. The drummer does his thing and gives us cues as to when something is about to come up. There is a really rad melodic solo that demonstrates the ability to tap along with the rhythm. I would say “Galactic Termination” is heavier than “Doctor Device” but in an instrumental way. “Galactic Termination” carries a lot of melody and slick transitions between verses and choruses and what not.

“Grave of the Firegod” is reminiscent of old In Flames, but with different vocals and guitar work of course. Though if you listen to this song, you will probably hear some old In Flames weaved in, which I’m a fan of. The intensity is maintained throughout the whole song with technical bridges and yet another melodic solo! I really like the solos on here, they have so much taste.

Bringing heavy back is “Mannequin Soldier.” The bass is more audible here too, so yay for that. The chorus is pretty catchy and comes up at the right times. The chorus provides an appropriate break between the heavy riffs and constant low frequencies rumbling away. The solo on this song is in the vein of Lamb of God with Parius’ own unique flavor. It also places you on this grand path leading to death’s gates, that being the end of the song.

Despite only being 4 minutes long and track 5 of 12, “Archaic Diabolical” sounds like the epic finale. The chord progressions, song progression, and long notes from the rhythm give it the sound of the end of a long war. Not in a folk metal way, but just a warlike fashion. “Saturnine” is a good song to follow up as it really sticks to a melodeath thing. What is more appropriate to play after some good battle than death metal? It just fits. “Archaic Diabolical” is during the war while “Saturnine” is the post war result.

“Lake Laogai” brings forth much technical prowess and high voltage tunes. There is a lot going on, but not so much that it sounds random or sporadic. Parius has a way of weaving things together in a precise and tasteful manner, despite how hectic something may sound.

Things calm a bit with “The Silence of the Sirens,” but that doesn’t mean they get soft on us. I’m just saying there is less of the technical madness from “Lake Laogai” and less heaviness from “Grave of the Firegod.” This is, however, very melodic and actually rather solemn sounding. It reminds me of a memorial by the somber undertone and serious nature. As a contrast, “Fresh Graves, Old Tombs” seems to have gotten over whoever had died from “The Silence of the Sirens.” “Fresh Graves, Old Tombs” retains the seriousness from the song before, but things aren’t as dark sounding. There is an avenged vibe more than anything else really, but I could be completely wrong about that. Of course the riffs are really sweet and are constantly moving. The bass has some nice little features in here too.

And finally is “Dark Horizons;” the song released as a single long ago and far away. It was great then and it is still great now. I’m not crazy about the intro, but that’s just me. The rest of the song makes up for it significantly. The chorus is not only catchy, but it has a really cool rhythm and drum part. The main riffs are nothing you wouldn’t expect from Parius and is everything you would expect. What you don’t expect is the sudden shift in song texture about half way in. Things take to a whole different tide and lead up to a shreddy solo.

There is much talent lying in Parius and I encourage many of you to check them out. They have a lot to offer and they are rather accessible for what they play. The production is done pretty well, but the guitars did seem a bit loud at times. Overall, this album did not disappoint me at all.

Rate: 9.2/10

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