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Review: Parius – Let There Be Light EP

Parius has graced us with a surprise EP recently under the title Let There Be Light. This is the first collection of music with the new lineup and features Ryan Knight and Michael Keene. If that doesn’t catch your interest, I don’t know what will. There are 4 tracks, one being an interlude, so this is a pretty brief EP. You can check it out on Bandcamp!

The first thing to note right off the bat is a new introduction of the folk/lore side of music, giving Let There Be Light a less general death metal sound and a more technical and melodic sound. If the artwork didn’t drop that hint hard enough, perhaps the use of violin, piano, and clean vocals (on the first track) will convince you. Don’t get me wrong, Parius’ core sound remains and this is still a very Parius sounding EP. They have always been rather melodic and have always had appropriate solos for their music. Even the way each song progresses is in true Parius format, so Let There Be Light is not a new leaf for them; it’s just a breath of new life with the new features.

My favorite track is hands down “Another Kind of Reckoning.” If the fast riffs and clear cut vocals don’t do it for you, the structure will. I love the structure of “Another Kind of Reckoning” because it starts of at a moderate, groovy pace, gets heavy and in your face, then back to the original pace. You can hear it build up to the heavy section with each passing verse and bridge and I sure do enjoy building anticipation. Then there’s Michael Keene’s very melodic part, with which the bass accompanies in a most harmonious fashion.

I must express my appreciation for how clearly the bass cuts through the mix. I would have preferred a lower bass tone, but I’m definitely not complaining for hearing the bass and the licks that it threw in. The bass served well as a rhythm throughout the EP.

With that I’ll conclude by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the Let There Be Light EP. I would have preferred to either turn the interlude/track 3 into a real song or scrap it all together. Nevertheless, it does not take anything away from the EP. The more I listen to each song, I find more and more details about it that make each song shine individually. I really dig the cover art, the guitar work, the supportive bass, and the guest appearances.

Rate: 8.6/10

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