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Review: Parasite Inc. – Time Tears Down

Parasite Inc. is a Melodic Death Metal band from Aalen, Germany. The band’s current line-up consists of: Kai (vocals, guitar), Dominik (guitar), Stefan (bass), and Benni (drums). Since their formation in 2007, they have released two albums, one being a demo in 2009 and the other being Time Tears Down in 2013. Time Tears Down contains 12 songs and has a total run-time of 43 minutes and 52 seconds.

I like the writing style in the intro track, Fire the Machine. They came up with some cool riffs and sick beats.

Back for War begins with a sick guitar riff. I find the mix of rather easy-to-play-sounding riffs and lead guitar playing refreshing to hear. I like Kai’s vocals so far too. He’s good at mids. Check out a sweet guitar solo from 1:25-1:47. I am looking forward to hearing more solos.

Time Tears Down has a killer intro. I really like the drumming by Dominik here. Check out some sweet lead guitar around the one-minute mark. This song has a Heaven Shall Burn sound. Be sure to check out another guitar solo at 2:39. Kai continues to deliver solid vocals.

Chaos Inside has another great intro. This is one of my favorite intros I’ve heard in a while. Check out the lead guitar work at 1:40. It’s a nice change in the song. This is a pretty sick song. It has some cool guitar riffs and a solo nearing the end.

I like the scream in the beginning of Function or Perish. The drumming around 1:10 is cool. I enjoy the simple and complex beats that are involved. The ending has a nice clean guitar in it that’s worth checking out.

This band can really write some great intros. Another sick one is up next in Armageddon in 16 to 9. This song has some serious shredding. It also contains some great lead guitar work so be on the lookout for that as well. Check out the guitar solo around three minutes in. It’s great.

The Pulse of the Dead has some cool drumming around 15 seconds in. I found the guitar work that followed enjoyable. I really like the guitar work in this song. There’s another sweet guitar solo around 2:10. The guitarists can shred.

The Scapegoat has some nice and fast guitar work around 20 seconds in. I like the short lead guitar playing at 1:50. Not only are the guitar solos sick but the rhythm guitar fits in well.

I found the piano work in In The Dark to be a surprising, but a nice change from the brutality. I like the scream at 0:47. Check out a killer guitar solo at 1:48. It’s short but great. 2:22 has a sick breakdown. We don’t get to hear too many in this album.

Unmeant Outcasts is another solid song. It contains the normal killer guitar work. Benni continues to deliver impressive drumming. There’s another sick guitar solo at 2:31. I like the melody that follows. I found the outro surprising. We get to hear a growl that sounds brutal.

The second shortest song on this album, Hatefilled, starts out with a bang. I was expecting this song to be extremely fast the whole time but there’s a change of pace at 0:56. It has a sudden stop with some nice clean guitar work that follows. Check out the crazy guitar solo at 1:26.

The last song, The End of Illusion, begins on a softer note with some nice piano work. This is a good way to end the album. There isn’t that much going on in terms of variety but it’s a “big” song. Be sure to check out a cool guitar solo at 3:43. The abrupt break around 4:30 was surprising.

This is a good album. There would have been a good chance of it going on my top ten albums list of the year if it was released in 2016. I’d give this album an 8.5 out of 10 stars.

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