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Review: Obsolete Incarnation – New Breed of an Uncureable Disease

Every so often a band takes the death metal world by force. They brutally beat and mutilate their victims/listeners (figuratively speaking) and force a barrage of unstoppable carnage on them. In this case, said band is Obsolete Incarnation, and their debut album New Breed of an Uncureable Disease, while not grammatically correct, is most- if not everything- that’s right in modern death metal and brutal death.

New Breed of an Uncureable Disease is an 11 track album that begins with “Bloodshed in Progress”. This is not a slow intro or build up track, it’s an immediate, panicked storm of screams, tight riffs and on-point drumming. Kai and Jens guitar’s mirror, in style, “Bloodshed in Progress” throughout the the album. By that, I mean there are fast, well executed and sometimes complex riffs along with well placed chugs. Marius delivers audible bass that sounds meaty, and powerful (check out “Familiarity Creates Blood” if you’re having trouble hearing it). The drums are fantastic throughout. Whether Martin is playing blastbeats, generic brutal death, or pounding away with oppressively fast double bass, he’s brings complexity and brutality to Obsolete Incarnation. With Sven delivering absolutely relentless and fantastic vocals (highs and lows with the occasional guttural and pig squeal), the intensity and “replayability” of this song is carried throughout the rest of the album.

Obsolete Incarnation’s album sounds great, has great ideas. My criticism is that some of the songs start to blend together. Listening to each song individually, they’re all great, however when listening to the album as a whole its easy to lose track of how many songs you’ve listened to or what song you are listening to. Another issue I had (and this is more just personal preference) is that the songs offer variety as opposed to the album. Each song will have a few unique and unexpected changes (whether they’re breaks, awesome riffs or just a drastic change in rhythm), and I feel that this sets up the songs to be singles as opposed to all on one album- so as an album I think this ultimately hurts it, BUT the songs themselves are amazing. Unlike some albums, it sounds like someone actually sat down and wrote out great songs.

Overall I rate this album as above average. I had a few criticisms on personal preference, but doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fantastic album. I highly recommend that any lover of (older) Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, or Dying Fetus pick this up and give it a serious listen.


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